Dramatically improve your cold call connect rate using Orum’s AI dialer

Adam Sockel

Mar 29 2024


The phone, as they say, is back in vogue. Cold calling isn’t dead; it’s thriving, and the metrics show that usage rates continue to grow. In 2023, the majority of all pipeline came from the phones, and sales leaders expect those numbers to grow even more in 2024 and beyond.

The resurgence of phone-driven selling's viability is connected to several factors. Email inboxes are flooded, social inboxes are widely ignored, and trust is more important than ever as automation is rising. 

Trust results from relationship building and the ability to personalize a value proposition, two key factors the phone excels at providing. Trust comes from conversations but also takes time to foster and grow, and when you consider the time-consuming nature of manual dialing, finding ways to speed up that process becomes essential.

Both Orum’s AI power dialer and parallel dialer eliminate the hours wasted manually dialing numbers, increasing the amount of activity reps can generate daily and, directly, the number of conversations they can have.

One hindrance to using the phone is that sellers think the connect rate for cold calls could be higher. In 2023, the overall connect rate on Orum’s platform was 5.3%, but top-performing reps, including our BDRs and AEs, experienced massively higher numbers by implementing a few features offered by the Orum platform.

Boost Connect

Leveraging advanced algorithms and rich data insights, Boost Connect automatically selects the best call-from number for each dial, ensuring optimal performance and driving tangible results. Orum’s proprietary algorithm identifies the most suitable call-from number for each dial.

Across the board, our users have seen connect rates increase by a median of ~18%. Nearly 60% of the time, Boost Connect selects a better number than the fallback number chosen by users, optimizing cold call performance and driving better outcomes.

Leave voicemails at scale in Orum

Leaving voicemails is a dynamic way to build name recognition and passively add value to your relationship with prospects. Previously, the challenge with voicemails was that they were time-consuming, repetitive, and could drain a sales rep’s energy.

At Orum, we have a voicemail sequencer designed to streamline the process for your reps, eliminating the time wasted through repetitive voicemail drops.

Every touchpoint counts, even when they don’t pick up, and voicemails can dramatically improve the likelihood of a connection down the road. When SDRs leave a pre-recorded voicemail for the prospect on Orum, the pickup rate for future calls improves by 25.8%.

Spam Protection and Orum Call From Numbers

Orum provides each customer with real business lines that are compliant with caller ID laws. We don’t do number spoofing. We use automated reputation monitoring software to proactively alert sales reps instantly of potential SPAM risks.

Numbers provisioned to Orum customers are assigned to the specific account/company and are linked to you as the customer in our database. We procure phone numbers from a tier 1 telephony distributor and have agreements to provide Grade A numbers in compliance with STIR/SHAKEN.

Data Enrichment

Orum clears out bad numbers for your organization and helps reps enrich at scale. In addition to increasing your connect rate, we'll help your data get cleaner and more enriched over time. Once a user clicks Enrich, Orum automatically processes the request, which usually takes less than a minute, depending on how many prospects were selected.


Orum Hot Numbers

Recently, we released Hot Numbers, increasing connect rates by 400%. Using Hot Numbers, Orum users routinely see connect rates as high as 30% during dialing sessions.

Hot Numbers is built from a proprietary algorithm that analyzes aggregated historical connection rates of over 200 million calls completed on Orum’s platform. This in-depth analysis of dials made on the Orum platform informs our AI to understand who is more likely to answer your calls. A 🔥 emoji identifies these numbers in your call lists.

Hot Numbers helps make Orum’s platform an even more strategic sales tool for your reps. Understanding the strong likelihood of a pickup means reps should use a power dialing experience with Hot Numbers. Because you’ll have more connections in less time, you can do additional prospecting and research to ensure the value proposition aligns with their needs.

Orum’s AI maximizes conversation time

Orum’s AI navigates dial-by-name directories, enabling you to spend less time dialing these and other "cold numbers" but still get conversations with them. The simple truth is that you’ll always have prospects who can be challenging to get ahold of on the phone, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable to your pipeline generation goals.

Orum’s parallel dialing option is perfect for these types of prospects. You can dial multiple numbers simultaneously and leave voicemails to create name recognition while offering value with each touchpoint. This way, when they finally answer, they know who you are and why you’re calling.

Orum research shows that booking a meeting with a prospect takes at least seven touchpoints, highlighting that missed calls don’t equate to missed opportunities.