Allbound sales success through phone-led selling with Orum

Adam Sockel

Feb 22 2024


In 2024, it’s safe to say that salespeople are all in. Or should we say allbound? Allbound selling is all the rage in the current landscape. It enables organizations to capitalize on an omnichannel prospecting approach while being prepared to respond to the prospects who raise their hand swiftly.

What is allbound sales?

Allbound selling combines and executes both inbound and outbound tactics. Allbound teams actively prospect through omnichannel efforts while also building out content and tactics that lead to an increase in inbound leads at the same time. Allbound selling aims to meet your prospects where they’re at, solve their needs, and eliminate the need to move them through a sequence or full-scale buyer journey slowly.

Live Conversation Platforms and allbound sales

The best allbound organizations have something in common. They use the phone to maximize their efficiency and productivity.  The 2023 State of Sales Development reports that most of all pipeline came from the phone last year, and organizational leaders fully expect their dialing to increase throughout 2024.

More than just manual dialing, however, these organizations recognize that having a Live Conversation Platform like Orum is essential to accomplish their goals.

The benefits of being a phone-driven sales organization are clear. The phone empowers reps to build relationships, establish trust, and cut through the noise better than other outbound channels. 57% of decision-makers prefer to be contacted over the phone over any other outbound method.

Being a phone-first sales team, especially using a Live Conversation Platform like Orum, empowers your team to succeed as an allbound organization. From an outbound standpoint, you can massively increase the amount of connections and conversations you can have each day. Codesecure saw a 5x increase in closed-won opportunities after struggling to generate enough pipeline.

Orum makes inbound easy by enabling reps to set up a callback number, and reps who do so dramatically increase their booked meeting rates. This process also reduces the speed to lead when considering inbound calls, meaning your reps increase the likelihood of connecting with interested prospects faster.

Why does the allbound sales approach work?

Allbound selling succeeds because of its flexibility and adaptability. It allows for an omnichannel approach as you build sales champions within prospect organizations. The allbound approach means you can use a mix of content, passive social outreach, and phone calls to multithread accounts you’re working to build a trusting relationship with.

Provide value with every task in your sales sequence

The essential aspect is to ensure you’re providing value with every touchpoint, whether during an inbound call, a cold connect with a VP, or a frequent check-in with your sales champion. Leading with the phone means you can provide that value through a voicemail drop or by giving them an easy and direct way to connect with you if they miss your call.

For the allbound approach to succeed, you need a fully integrated tech stack. The easier your CRM and outreach tools sync up, the faster your reps have the information they need to respond to an active inbound lead or build a fully researched pitch for outbound prospects.

Developing and implementing an allbound process is the future, while the phone remains a timeless tool. The conversations you can have over the phone mean you can identify the current pain points of any organization, properly understand their objections, and meet them wherever they’re on the buyer’s journey.

Watch the on-demand SKOrum session to build your organization’s calling culture

Recently, as part of SKOrum, our virtual kickoff event for all sellers, Morgan Ingram led a discussion about how to build a successful calling culture for organizations of all sizes. Morgan was joined by three successful sales leaders: David Doloboff, VP of Global Business Development at 6Sense, Jillene Golez, Director of Sales Development at Rubrik, Inc., and Gabrielle Jacquez, Director of Sales Development at MaintainX.

This session explored strategies for your reps to succeed on the phone, a key component to the success of an allbound team.