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SKOrum 2024 - The Virtual Sales Kickoff For All

Adam Sockel

Feb 08 2024


This year we hosted our first SKOrum. The event is a first-of-its-kind virtual sales kick-off for all sellers and sales leaders. It’s a mindset shift opportunity where we flip the script on the very idea of selling.

We were fortunate to have four virtual sessions with some of the industry's best sellers tackling a wide range of topics. Here are some of the top takeaways:

  • Four info-packed sessions with the industry’s top sellers
  • A peek into the Orum product roadmap
  • Tactical tips to jumpstart your 2024 on the phones
  • Strategies for adapting to a phone-first GTM
  • A look at what's in store for 2024 on the phones

View the on-demand sessions

Self-Sustainable Sales

Will Aitken moderates a panel discussion with some of Orum’s top sellers, breaking down practical and tactical tips for SDRs and AEs to grow their pipeline and land more deals.

A (Calling) Cultural Movement

Morgan Ingram moderates a panel discussion of revenue leaders across several industries, laying out their strategies to succeed as phone-first sales organizations.

2024's Roadmap To Success

Binil Thomas, Orum’s VP of Product, and Ting Ting Luo, Orum’s VP of Marketing, highlight where sales leaders' focus needs to be in 2024, including several new key aspects of Orum’s industry-leading live conversation platform.

A Phone-First Future Forecast

Kevin Dorsey and Jason Dorfman, Orum’s founder and CEO, close out the event by discussing what they expect in sales for the coming year. What will change, stay the same, and look entirely different throughout 2024 and beyond?