The Dialer 
for peak performance

With Orum's AI-powered Dialer, your sales reps can reach more prospects and have more conversations while getting back their most valued resource—time

Connect with more prospects

5x call activity and get SDRs into more live conversations than they would do alone.

manual tasks

Detect voicemails, filter out bad numbers, and automatically navigate phone directories.

Win big,

work less

Close more deals and boost revenue by increasing rep productivity and improving call quality.
Power and Parallel Dialing

More dials, less burnout

Control dialing speed by utilizing power and parallel dialers to call single or multiple numbers at once. Save your reps countless hours and empower them to book more meetings.
Localize your call

Increase pick up rates

Choose from multiple numbers to call from and keep track of each of them with Orum's reputation monitoring.
Sell globally

Sell globally

Call internationally to specific countries and reach more prospects in the process.
Thanks to Orum, we've been able to double quarter after quarter and 60% of our meetings are coming from cold calling
Cody Tse
Director of Sales Development
more meetings
of all meetings booked over the phone

Improve your sales tactics faster

Orum will automatically transcribe your sales calls and flag common objections allowing you to glean insights faster.

Drop the manual work & refine your lists

Eliminate manual data entry as Orum’s AI automatically cleans and updates lists based on your call dispositions and sequencing.
Audio Quality

Make your voice heard

Use Orum to deliver compelling sales pitches with crisp, clear audio — and virtually no delay.
Voicemail Sequencing

Tailor pre-recorded

Increase the chance prospects will return your call with pre-recorded voicemails and sequences from your sales CRM. Set up a call forwarding number to receive any inbound calls directly to your phone.