Customer Stories

Backblaze thrives through Orum’s integration capabilities


The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundation for businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals to build applications, host content, manage media, back up and archive data, and more. With over three billion gigabytes of data storage under management, the company currently works with over 500,000 customers in over 175 countries.

Challenge– Launching an active outbound sales effort

Backblaze’s early success came from the quality of its platform and word of mouth. Inbound leads were the lifeblood of the sales team, but the organization was looking for ways to ramp up growth. When they began growing their sales tech stack, Adam Tan knew a platform to make cold calls was vital to their success.

Decision criteria–Integration and ease of use

Adam had previous experience with an Orum competitor, but it was an easy choice when he and the reps saw the Orum platform. “Leadership told me they would get us whatever we needed to succeed. I was looking at several vendors, and Orum was the clear choice. It was an exceptionally easy sales cycle.”

A vital component to choosing Orum was the platform’s seamless integration with Outreach, Gong, and the rest of Backblaze’s tech stack.

Solution– A compliant tech stack integration

“The first round of SDRs I hired were at the senior level, and they were instantly comfortable with the Orum platform. I’ve since brought on some junior-level reps, and the onboarding process for them with Orum was incredibly easy. The UI and UX made it a simple process.”

On top of Orum’s ease of use, the overall productivity blew Adam and his reps away.

It’s almost like being a superhero where you’re part human, part machine. Experienced reps saw activity outputs anywhere from five to ten times what they had done before in previous roles.
Adam Tan
Senior Sales Development Manager at Backblaze

Reps love how they can streamline leaving voicemails while ripping through call tasks. They’ve been able to connect with more prospects than ever before.

A massive benefit for the Backblaze team from a technical standpoint was how easily Orum could be integrated with their tech stack. “The way our leaders access call recordings in Salesforce is through Gong. We used to use Outreach, but because of Orum’s compliance and excellent documentation, we now grab everything straight from your platform. Because of Orum’s capabilities, I can guarantee the recordings we want to review are fully compliant. Orum gives us peace of mind and flexibility to integrate with every other key player in the market.”

Results– 10X productivity and elegant simplicity

In addition to the substantial output increases, thanks to Orum, Backblaze reduced rep ramp time from three months to two months. “We leverage Orum’s call library and perform call reviews frequently with our reps, which has instilled a continuous growth mindset in our team.”

Orum has done more than just boost productivity and create excitement. It also offered executive awareness of rep activity.

Other members of sales leadership will jump into Orum to listen to calls, and it gives them firsthand visibility into how our team is using the platform to build pipeline.
Adam Tan
Senior Sales Development Manager at Backblaze

From an Ops standpoint, Backblaze raves about Orum’s simplicity. “The analytics filtering is intuitive and helps us customize improvement plans for each rep. We can see their metrics over any time we need and understand where they’re succeeding and where they can grow. The authentication and single sign-on capabilities make it a dream platform.”

Orum’s ease of use means Backblaze can also adjust on the fly. “Call dispositions are ever-evolving, and we can make adjustments instantly in Orum. Other tools involve weeks of back and forth to make adjustments. That experience is elegantly simple with Orum.”