Customer Stories

Planhat increases booked meetings by 3X with Orum


Planhat is the leading Customer Platform, helping the world’s most innovative companies harness the power of their customer base for revenue growth.

Challenge– Efficiently getting sales on the same page

Planhat started as a bootstrapped organization, growing its business with sales-led outbound tactics. This empowered them to identify their ICP efficiently, but their sales team lacked synchronicity as they continued to grow.

As they grew and sought to reach more prospects, they used email as their primary method. Two problems arose. Reps were all using their tool of choice to email prospects, making the process unorganized and expensive.

The second problem was the lack of effectiveness of email marketing as a channel. As Thomas Smeallie stated, “We’d be sending around 500 emails and maybe getting one response. And that response would be that they weren’t interested.”

A lack of communication with prospects created issues for pipeline growth and customer acquisition costs and slowed the growth of their sales reps. They needed a way to drive more at-bats, conversations, and revenue opportunities.

Decision criteria–Call quality, intuitiveness, & a virtual salesfloor

The shift from email-first to call-first, allbound selling began with the purchase of a tool designed to provide their reps with proper contact information. “I knew cold calling worked, but we needed to ensure we could reach prospects first. Next came the experiment to select a platform where we could quickly make many cold calls.” Thomas admits he was skeptical about whether or not Planhat would be able to use a dialing solution consistently.

We did a two-week trial with both Orum and a competitor. Orum’s team did a phenomenal job setting expectations, setting our pilot up and expectations so that after the trial, it was easy for us to see the ROI of Orum instantly. Comparatively, the competitor just felt extremely junior. They had too many false connects and lacked the intuitive workflows of Orum.
Thomas Smeallie
Regional Director at Planhat

One thing that both Orum and the competitor offered was a virtual Salesfloor, enabling remote reps to make calls together, build camaraderie, and learn from one another. “We tried both platforms' virtual experiences and liked Orum’s better. It was a no-brainer when we combined Orum’s superior call quality, more intuitive dialing system, the Salesfloor, and our overall trust in the Orum brand.”

Solution–A trusted organization with proven results

Orum became the vendor of choice for Planhat, and the implementation process kicked off directly following the trial. The immediate reaction from Thomas when asked about how the Orum implementation has gone was that the amount of meetings they’re booking has skyrocketed. Their connect and conversation rates are through the roof, which has helped their sales reps improve their skill sets much faster. 80% of their booked meetings are now coming from calling.

The increased number of opportunities has built a healthier pipeline, but it’s also driving improvements that can’t necessarily be measured through data.

Results–Tangible and intangible improvements

For our BDR team, Orum is a godsend. They spend several hours every single day on the Salesfloor. They’re making tons of calls and building camaraderie, learning from one another, and, critically, we’re booking so many more meetings now.
Thomas Smeallie
Regional Director at Planhat

Planhat’s BDR team is now booking three times as many meetings over the phone when compared to before using Orum. The reps love using the platform every day, and the counting stats show an astronomical increase in activity and results. Looking beyond those metrics, the benefits of Orum’s platform go even deeper.

Planhat also takes advantage of Orum’s Call Library feature, where Thomas reviews call recordings and is able to provide weekly feedback. “Our reps are getting so many more at-bats with Orum, so they’ve honed in on their pitches, and now we can work on adding nuance so there is continuous improvement on top of the growth they’ve already achieved.”

Planhat runs weekly call reviews where each rep brings a recorded call to the session so everyone can listen and provide feedback. “Orum has accelerated our onboarding of new reps and how quickly they can get good at cold calling. It's still great practice when you’re getting connects all the time, even if they’re not going your way on any given day.”

Thomas looks at data beyond just activity metrics. Orum’s analytics have directly led to some helpful workshops for the team. “Orum’s Objection Handling data showed us where there were some gaps in our abilities to handle certain responses, so we were able to craft training specifically tailored to those areas. Without Orum, I wouldn’t have known what we needed to work on.”