Customer Stories

Ramp grows knowledge base and opportunities with Orum


As a company working in the bill payment industry, Ramp has a large addressable market. They needed a way to succinctly connect with more prospective customers in a way that was sustainable and approachable for their reps.

To exponentially increase their opportunities, conversations, and meetings booked, they turned to Orum. By adding Orum’s AI-powered Live Conversation Platform to their tech stack, Ramp was able to build a successful omnichannel sales approach that has increased their pipeline and created more capable sales reps.

Challenge–Increase opportunities in Ramp’s Total Addressable Market

Ramp’s Sales Development team faced an interesting challenge. As a company driven to automate the finance process, Ramp has a total addressable market that includes just about every organization in the world. Austin Mead, Manager of New Business Development at Ramp, joked with us stating, “Just about any company that spends money falls within our ideal customer profile.”

Thanks to the respect their platform has earned, Ramp was seeing good success as an email-led sales organization, scheduling close to 500 meetings per month through the channel, but knew they needed to grow faster. Email would remain part of their process but they sought a full transformation of their outbound sales to optimize growth potential. “We have very ambitious goals and ambitious people,” Austin said.


Austin was familiar with Orum and understood the value of cold calling. He also had a sales rep on his team named Daniel who had prior experience with cold calling, so they ran a demo and trial of Orum’s Live Conversation Platform. Daniel hit the ground running with Orum, booking multiple meetings daily and often making as many as 700-800 dials per day.

“Daniel loved using the platform, calling the power dialing aspect ‘magic’. Other reps were seeing Daniel’s success and wanted to use the Orum platform as well. They wanted a piece of the excitement Daniel was generating.” Austin said. Ramp empowered their team to raise their hand if they were interested in using Orum and quickly got 25 reps who wanted to start calling.

In order to optimize the onboarding process, Ramp worked with their Orum Account Executive to ensure reps had the tools they needed. “Our Orum rep was pivotal to our early success. Lack of call experience wasn’t a factor because of the work Orum put in.” The Orum team made themselves available via Slack and provided playbooks and training around call scripts, objection handling, call dispositioning, persona tagging, and more.

For a few weeks, we started with a smaller group of reps and then opened up access to everyone. Even reps who had zero experience cold calling grew comfortable with the process quickly thanks to Orum’s ease of use, coaching, and the number of conversations they were able to have every day.
Austin Mead
New Business Development at Ramp

The ability to make large numbers of calls in less time on Orum’s platform led to Ramp doubling their overall number of monthly meetings booked. “We’re still seeing meetings booked via email but we’re also seeing the same number of meetings booked over the phone as well. Within the month, more than 50% of our meetings will be booked via Orum.” Reps are able to perform the same level of email outreach on top of their calling through Orum because of how quickly they can do their call tasks.

We don’t have KPIs around daily calls made or emails sent but our reps love using Orum and are making hundreds of calls per day. In one instance, Daniel made 1800 calls in a single day. That energy is infectious. Reps are getting hours of connection time with prospects every week which is leading to better confidence and comfort on the phone and more meetings booked.
Austin Mead
New Business Development at Ramp

Changing the sales culture through calling

Providing their sales reps access to Orum has done more than just establish a new outbound sales channel–it’s completely changed the overall culture of the team. Orum’s Salesfloor has been pivotal for fostering camaraderie and connectivity amongst the team and the managers as well. Reps frequently message each other to do daily call blitzes and new reps are able to onboard quicker thanks to the ability to listen to call recordings.

Salesfloor has been a hugely useful tool for us, especially for remote reps. They see a virtual room with fifteen people making calls and they jump in to start doing the same. It helps everyone feel more connected. We don’t force anyone to make calls but when you see your colleagues dialing together, it eliminates call hesitancy and motivates you to pick up the phone.
Austin Mead

Orum’s Salesfloor has been beneficial from a coaching standpoint as well. “Anytime I have an hour free, I jump in to listen to live calls. I can pick up on phrases, openers, and pitches that work and share those with the team on call reviews.” The metrics eliminate the guesswork for Austin and other leaders. They can see what’s working and where coaching opportunities arise.

Results–Better reps and a better understanding of the customer

The results of using Orum as part of the Ramp outbound selling process speak for themselves. They’ve doubled the number of monthly meetings they’re able to schedule without taking away from their successful email campaigns and have built a thriving culture where team interaction and connection are up.

Beyond increasing pipeline opportunities, Ramp’s sales reps are also increasing their skills and overall understanding of their prospects’ needs. In terms of time spent connecting with prospects, one rep has had almost 80 hours of live conversations on Orum in three months alone.

Our reps are now spending hours every week talking to prospects which builds a deeper understanding of the value propositions that matter to them. Thanks to Orum’s Salesfloor we also have a massive library of recorded calls where we can see what’s working, what’s not, and break down what’s happening in these conversations.
Austin Mead
New Business Development at Ramp

The increased conversations and understanding of their ideal customer profile have proven beneficial for both Ramp as a whole and the individual reps. “We’re doubling the number of meetings we’re setting but we’re also preparing these individuals for the next steps in their career at Ramp. Orum has decreased our onboarding time, energized our sales culture, and deepened our understanding of our customers. It’s a win-win.”