Customer Stories

Maropost builds a thriving outbound motion with Orum

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    49% connect-to-conversation rate
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    14% conversion rate
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    From 0 to 50% outbound with Orum

About Maropost: Maropost unites the commerce, marketing, merchandising, and service tools growing brands need to engage customers and rapidly scale their business.

Challenge–Building out an outbound motion from scratch

Maropost hired Daniel Carnell to build their entire outbound strategy and tech stack. The initial goal was simple: get in front of as many prospects as possible. Initially, they grew through acquisitions and inbound but needed a way to expand pipeline, revenue, and awareness.

“We needed a way to connect with more prospects while also increasing the visibility of our brand. The quickest way to do those things is through the phone, and we needed a platform that integrated into our tech stack that our reps would want to use.” Daniel began the process of identifying the AI dialing solution that would be their vendor of choice.

Decision criteria–First-class buying experience and Orum’s Apollo integration

During the buying process, Daniel was involved in multiple meetings with Orum and Nooks, an Orum alternative. The sessions with Orum stood out for their comprehensive nature, providing detailed demos, metrics, and a meticulously crafted strategic plan for success. “Orum’s account executive was incredible to work with, and your VP of Sales joined several discussions to ensure we had everything we needed.”

In contrast, the Nooks process was unstructured. The Nooks account executive unexpectedly passed Maropost off to another seller, leading to an underwhelming, chaotic demo experience.

Our executives said that even if Nooks happened to be the superior platform, which it decidedly is not, we would not use their product. You purchase from people you trust, and we trust in Orum.
Daniel Carnell
Business Development Manager at Maropost

In addition to the buyer’s journey and user experiences of Orum, the team loved Orum’s integration with Apollo. “The day you announced that integration, we booked our demo.”

Results–Holistic team success through Orum’s feature set

According to Daniel, reps are “absolutely loving” the Orum experience. They love the time savings Orum provides, the platform's automation, and the integration with Apollo, where tasks are automatically completed so they don’t have to go into multiple platforms.

After seeing SDR success numbers, Maropost account executives also requested Orum access. “Our AEs had previously never done outbound outreach, but thanks to the success and excitement Orum generates, our entire team is now using it.” The self-sourcing performed by the AEs is adding to the SDR's success in creating phone-driven pipeline growth.

“Before Orum, we were an entirely inbound organization. That number has already shifted to 50% outbound through Orum in three months alone. Both the increase in pipeline revenue and brand awareness Orum has provided has been phenomenal.”

Thanks to Orum, our pipeline is directly from cold calling now.
Daniel Carnell
Business Development Manager at Maropost

The team is using several Orum features, including the virtual Salesfloor. They dial together and use Live Listen to spotlight each other’s calls, empowering each rep to improve their pitches. They also use Orum’s Call Library to catalog successful and unsuccessful calls so reps can easily reference them for training.

“We’re maximizing our Orum use with not just dialing but the analytics, coaching, and culture-building features as well. It’s been an incredible platform for everyone in our sales organization.” Reps are seeing a 5% connect rate, a 49% connect-to-conversation rate, and a 14% conversion rate. One Maropost rep completed 1400 dials in a month, taking only seven total active dialing hours.

Maximizing is the correct word to use when discussing Maropost’s success with Orum. “I almost hesitate to offer data because the growth has been astronomical. We went from zero meetings booked over the phone to 75 through Orum in just three months. That same time frame saw roughly 15 meetings booked via email. There’s no comparison.”

Time savings have been an unexpected benefit of the Orum experience for Maropost. They are taking that additional time in their day to perfect their pitches, build hyper-targeted lists, and perform allbound revenue-generating activities.

“From the sales process to the actual platform to the customer support, Orum has been there for us anytime we needed them.”