New Orum and Apollo integration creates unprecedented strategic selling opportunities

Adam Sockel

Dec 05 2023


Orum and Apollo just announced a powerful new integration. Orum users can now seamlessly integrate with the world’s #1 database. This integration promises to dramatically increase outbound productivity by reducing time spent on manual tasks while syncing two essential aspects of your tech stack.

How the Orum integration with Apollo works

Users of the Orum and Apollo platforms now have the ability to search for any Apollo Sequence within the Orum platform to execute the call tasks assigned to them. They can also load lists that surface all call tasks that need to be completed and one-off call tasks.

When call tasks have been completed in Orum, they are automatically logged in Apollo, along with synced call notes, call recordings, and who completed the task. This integration also seamlessly syncs Orum’s voicemail sequencing with your Apollo lists, reducing the amount of tech stack switching users need to do.

This integration aims to increase efficiency for your SDRs and AEs while dramatically increasing the contact information your reps can access. Apollo provides access to verified contact data for over 270 million B2B contacts, minimizing the amount of pre-prospecting your team needs to do.

Better call data, less call hesitancy

One beta user, Christy Clark, Sales Ops Manager at Velox reported, “The integration created a more seamless way to outbound prospects. Having all our sequenced contacts accessible in Orum has been a game changer!”

Organizations using Apollo’s sequencer tool can now pull prospect data directly into Orum, automating manual and repetitive parts of dialing and data entry. The singular most finite asset you can give your sales reps is time; this integration ensures your team has more of it to spend conversing with prospects.

“Using Orum feels like strapping yourself into a rocketship,” said Josh Garrison, VP of Content Marketing and Product Education at Apollo. “It skyrocketed the number of conversations and meetings my team had with our ideal buyers.

The greatest contributors to call hesitancy are the cumbersome manual tasks involved in the process. The more arduous the processes of setting up call lists and actually dialing are, the less likely a rep is to want to start calling. The Orum and Apollo integration eliminates call hesitancy by reducing friction and empowering your reps with the data and live conversation platform they need to build greater pipeline.