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Beyond Identity sees 4x more conversations by seamlessly integrating Orum into their workflow

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    200% More calls per rep
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    4x More conversations
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    3x More efficient
Thanks to Orum, we’ve increased the number of calls we can make by 200% and are having roughly 4x more conversations. This improvement directly helps us reach our pipeline goals - positively impacting Beyond Identity as a whole.
Teddi Wolfer
Director of Global Sales Development

Teddi Wolfer, Director of Global Sales Development, and John Holmok, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, were intent on building a robust sales engine. Their reps were successful once they had people on the phone, but the team struggled to make enough connections to meet their goals.

To catapult calling efficiency and increase the number of dials, Teddi and John sought a tool that would automate their sales team’s calling process, land them in more conversations, and integrate seamlessly with their current workflow in Outreach. They found all of this in Orum’s AI-powered live conversation platform.


Not enough connections to meet the team’s goals

Beyond Identity already had a strong calling culture. With a growing sales team, they knew automation would be an important driver of their success. The team felt confident in their sales process, having already polished their methodology, messaging, emails, and call rapport. Even so, they struggled with their connect rate and felt limited by Outreach’s dialer which only let them call a single prospect at a time. Reps were successful once they connected with prospects on the phone, but they weren’t making enough connections to reach their goals.

Sales reps were hitting decent numbers, maxing out at about 100 calls per day. However, the calling process was manual, which meant long hours spent dialing and many days resulted in no conversations at all. Reps felt drained by the amount of time it took to make those 100 calls only to know that they’d be faced with more the following day.

To Teddi and John, that represented a lot of time and resources wasted. Plus, a low connect rate ultimately impacted their pipeline generation. They knew there must be technology that could automate the calling process, save time, and, ultimately, increase their connection rate to drive more pipeline.

The sooner our SDRs are ramped, the sooner they’re driving pipeline and business. Before Orum, our SDRs weren’t having enough live conversations – role plays and call reviews are not the same. But now, they are able to learn, grow, and ramp up much faster.
Teddi Wolfer
Director of Global Sales Development


A seamless implementation & integration of an AI-powered live conversation platform

“We wanted to find a solution that could increase our dials, essentially increasing the number of people we could reach daily,” said Teddi. Thankfully, Bill Hogan, CRO at Beyond Identity, had used Orum in a previous role and knew how powerful Orum would be for their team.

Teddi tapped four different reps to test out the platform. The group she chose was diverse—she chose top performers, those struggling, and those new. “It was really important that Orum worked for every type of rep— we didn’t want a solution that simply made our top performers better,” she said.

From a technical standpoint, Orum was extremely easy to set up, especially since it integrated instantly with Outreach.

Because Orum only needed to integrate with Outreach, our setup was straightforward and fast without requiring any Salesforce Admin work or deep customization. We only needed to map a few fields and customize some Sequences, then we were good to go!
John Holmok
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations

During implementation, the Orum team kept close communication, offering best practice insights and advice along the way. Every time the team at Beyond Identity had a question, the team at Orum was quick and detailed with their response.

After two weeks into the trial, Teddi and John saw immediate results and knew they had found the platform that would automate their process and drive pipeline.


More calls made, resulting in more connections and a healthier pipeline

Thanks to the partnership with Orum, Beyond Identity has a much healthier sales engine. Their sales reps are now making more calls with less effort, resulting in more connections and ultimately more conversions. That makes for a much healthier pipeline.

200% more calls and 4x more conversations to drive pipeline

With Orum, the team at Beyond Identity is seeing results. Because the sales team already had a high conversion rate from conversations, they are reaping the rewards with their efforts, driving substantial pipeline for the business.

Before Orum, our reps made roughly 100 calls per day– that was the limit. Today, they can make 300 calls in less time than it took to make 100!
Teddi Wolfer
Director of Global Sales Development

Time freed for intelligent prospecting and special projects

Previously, it took sales reps almost 6 hours to make 100 calls. Today, it takes 4 hours to do 300 calls (a 3x improvement in efficiency). SDRs use this new time to focus on intelligent prospecting and cross-team projects.

Orum has helped our reps be more efficient and get back more time in their day. This extra time has been used for personalized prospecting, new contact acquisition, and professional development. For our reps to have an extra hour each day to learn and expand their knowledge is invaluable.
John Holmok
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations
Orum has drastically improved the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of my team. The platform has not only led to more productivity, more meetings, and faster ramp, but it’s also improved SDR mentality.
Teddi Wolfer
Director of Global Sales Development