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How Impetus reduced ramp time, boosted productivity with Orum


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Impetus sought a way to perform their outbound prospecting that would empower their reps and eliminate call hesitancy. The result was a thriving outbound sales team who are constantly surpassing their quotas faster than ever, while also ramping up at lightning speed.

Challenge: Time-consuming call process and lack of results creates call hesitancy

Impetus’s sales development reps were experiencing a problem many sales teams have–they were tasked with building a pipeline and, because of the known effectiveness of outbound calling, were making cold calls. However, the manual process was time-consuming, and the lack of results with the low volume of calls they were making created call hesitancy.

The team performed well on the phone when they reached prospects, but weren’t getting the volume of connections they needed. It wasn’t that reps didn’t want to be dialing. They just wanted that work to lead to something positive but they weren’t having enough conversations with prospects.

Matthew Chapman, Senior Business Development Manager at Impetus said, “They were calling because they knew they needed to but at times did not see the ROI due to a lack of connections. They weren’t necessarily hesitant to be on the phone, they were hesitant to spend an hour dialing with only one or two connects to show for it.”

Adding to the team stress was a decrease in headcount. Impetus had lost several reps to turnover and promotions, leaving a skeleton team. They needed an easy-to-use solution that not only boosted productivity but also boosted morale.


Calling had always been a part of Impetus’s outbound process, but adding Orum made calling the main function for booking meetings and adding pipeline. Sales reps saw the benefit immediately in their work. An added bonus was how Orum’s live conversation platform became vital to the onboarding process for their new team members as well.

We had to onboard half of our North America team in two months and Orum was huge in getting those reps hit the ground running. One of the biggest things we couldn’t or didn’t quantify was how much Orum would help with both onboarding and allowing a limited team to still keep up with normal production.
Matthew Chapman
Senior Business Development Manager

Thanks to Orum’s Salesfloor, Impetus’s new reps were able to gain valuable insights. They listen into calls from other reps, helping them ramp up quicker, learning objection handling, and how to succinctly pitch their product. Having all the additional conversations and live opportunities helped them advance and onboard quicker. Reps now go from uncomfortable to thriving on the phones much faster.

Orum has become such an essential part of their tech stack that Impetus uses Orum in their recruiting process. It’s a major selling point for them as they go through the interview process with potential new hires.

A thriving calling culture

Matt has experience with the cold calling process and was excited about the prospect of using Orum. “When I was a rep, 90% of my opportunities occurred when I was on the phone. The fastest way to create a genuine pipeline opportunity is having a conversation with someone on the phone.”

The results have been even better than he could have hoped for. According to Matt, Orum completely changed the team culture.

Calling is now something we’re excited about. It’s our secret weapon that everyone else in our org is jealous of. Calling went from something they had to do to something they wanted to do.
Matthew Chapman
Senior Business Development Manager

As a team, Impetus holds weekly power hours and call blitzes. Matt is able to use Salesfloor to listen to calls and offer customized coaching suggestions for team members. They also use the tool to celebrate the calling process.

The team now shares both wins and humorous rejections to build team chemistry. They have built and fostered psychological safety by laughing and celebrating together.


Impetus has seen substantial growth in every metric connected to their cold calling efforts. When comparing the months from July to September (before they were using Orum) to January to March (when their reps began using Orum fully) Impetus has increased overall opportunities by 40%. They’ve also doubled their outbound opportunities.

What makes these numbers more impressive is during this time (Jan – Mar) period is that they were down 15% in headcount and 50% of the reps were new hires. Orum has allowed reps to hit the ground running and be productive in weeks instead of months.

Comparing their pre-Orum period of July to September Impetus to January from March when Impetus was using Orum, they experienced an increase of 118% of calls and 110% in meetings set.

Matt has noticed a key element to their calling success is that Orum is helping every level of rep. “Orum helps the top reps generate more but it also increases lower performing reps numbers up so that, holistically, the entire team is improving their numbers.”

Impetus has gone from a call hesitant sales organization to a call first organization. Reps are hitting their previous weekly call targets in a single day now while strengthening their team culture and psychological safety. New employees are adding value and pipeline faster than ever thanks to Orum’s ease of use, training capabilities, and coaching opportunities.

The best way to create more opportunities is to have more conversations, and what better way to have a conversation with someone than by picking up the phone!
Matthew Chapman
Senior Business Development Manager