Customer Stories

Datarails builds 60% productivity boost for top reps with Orum

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    43% Increase in calls, daily
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    40% Increase in conversations, daily
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    24% Increase in SQLs, daily
Thanks to Orum, our average meetings went up by 59% for our top four reps and 61% in terms of qualified opportunities per reps.
Aviv Canaani
VP of Marketing

Aviv Cananni, VP of Marketing, and Yoni Tenzer, Director of Sales Development at Datarails, knew they needed to find a way to connect with more prospects. As a phone-first sales organization, Datarails already had an established calling culture, but they needed to increase the number of calls, connections, meetings, and qualified leads they were driving to maintain a healthy pipeline.

They needed a tool that could automate the time-consuming process of manual dialing and provide them with clean data about their activity. Using Orum, they've been able to drive increased numbers in all of these metrics despite a reduction in headcount.


Build a sustainable pipeline of leads and improve the productivity of a shrinking team of sales representatives

Datarails has long had a successful calling culture. A call-first sales organization has always driven most of its revenue pipeline. For three years before working with Orum, they generated call lists through manual prospecting and dialing.

However, the well was beginning to run dry, which would’ve been disastrous for a team that uses phones to drive their bottom line. After testing multiple phone-centric outbound tools, they chose Orum because of rep satisfaction, increased productivity, and the customer service provided by their Orum Account Executive.


Since partnering with Orum, Datarails has substantially increased productivity, opportunities, meetings, and pipeline. Due to economic realities, they had to shrink their outbound SDR team from ten, leaving only the four top-performing reps. Despite this reduction in headcount, their pipeline has remained healthy because of their use of Orum’s live conversation platform.

Aviv noted that these numbers are on top of the initial production, making these the top four reps overall. “Orum is a tool that we took to the existing top performers and made them even better. Orum didn’t improve novice level reps 5-10%. It took our top performers and increased their average number of meetings booked by 60%.”

Datarails services a massive potential market, which means they need to get through leads quickly to identify true prospects for their business model. Orum empowers its reps to achieve these goals while remaining energetic and ready when a prospect picks up the phone.

As one rep noted,

‍Orum lowers the effort to make calls. Last week with Orum I made 1137 calls in 4 days. If I were making these calls manually, my fatigue would be extremely elevated. An SDR must be able to have his last call of the day the same quality as the first. Orum allows me to THINK and PREPARE for each call without having to do with the mechanics.
Datarails SDR


A more intuitive sales tool

Yoni Tenzer, Director of Sales Development at Datarails, noted that their team trialed other outbound sales tools but ultimately determined Orum to be a superior platform. Overall, Orum was just a much more complete and intuitive platform. Instances that take a single step in Orum take three to four on other platforms.” 

Yoni also celebrated the fact that Orum provides cleaner data much more easily than other tools. “It removes bad numbers for us seamlessly. It just makes the overall process quick and easy for our reps.”

They also appreciate the superior customer care and service provided by their Orum Account Executive. “We have monthly meetings to stay connected with our rep. Orum didn’t just give us the software and then lose touch. They keep us aware of every tool and feature within the platform so we can maximize our return on investment. Even when there isn’t anything new to show us, he checks in and makes sure our reps are still prospering.”

Both Yoni and Aviv noted that Orum has been vital in helping them identify trends in their dispositions and call results, helping them better identify potential problem areas.

Orum has improved my productivity by increasing the number of calls I can make during the day, improving the pick-up rate for my calls, and giving leads the ability to call me back. Also, Orum has allowed me to divert my eyes from the screen while working, which means I can take less breaks throughout the day while also avoiding straining my eyes.
Datarails SDR
I normally work a 10 hour day. With Orum my day is equivalent to 15 hours. My call rate has doubled and with it a fully satisfactory pick-up rate.
Datarails SDR