Customer Stories

Sisu triples booked demos and builds a phone-first culture with Orum


Established in 2016 and headquartered in Kaysville, UT, Sisu is a leading provider of real estate workflow automation solutions. Their mission is to change the real estate industry by helping real estate teams work more efficiently and effectively.

Challenge– Increase outbound efforts & excite sales reps

Sisu is in the real estate world and has a relatively responsive ideal customer profile (ICP). Prospects answer phone calls at a high rate, but the outreach process was slow and cumbersome for their reps. “We found that building prospect lists, putting them into our Outreach sequences, and manually dialing them took forever. Reps felt like they were making over eighty calls in a day when they were making fifteen.”

Sisu needed a Live Conversation Platform solution that solved their dialing needs and could improve the rep experience during the process.

Decision criteria– Reputation monitoring, tech stack integration & a virtual Salesfloor

Sisu evaluated every dialing solution on the market, and the clear winner was Orum. “There were a number of criteria we looked at during the evaluation, but one of the most important was Orum’s reputation monitoring. Our industry’s connect rate is great when you’re dialing from reputable numbers, and Orum’s metrics and monitoring ensure we are.”

As a fully remote company, they also needed a virtual space to make dials together. “The SDR role can be very lonely when prospecting and dialing alone all day. Orum’s Salesfloor brought back our team's energy, camaraderie, and culture.”

Another substantial piece for the Sisu team was Orum’s seamless tech stack integrations. “We love how easy it was to integrate Orum with our Outreach and Salesforce instances. It makes our daily work so much easier.”

Solution– A must-have prospecting solution

If you don’t want to spend money, don’t let your reps try Orum because they will instantly see how valuable it is! The moment you try it, you love it!
Zac Muir
VP of Revenue at Sisu

Zac was sold on Orum during the first demo when the Orum Account Executive used the platform for prospecting in real-time. “He was getting connects right in front of me using Orum. No other competitors did anything like that. It was awesome to watch. Then, the Orum pilot was so easy to set up that our reps were dialing the next day. Orum lets the product speak for itself, and it certainly did.”

Sisu’s team has gotten disciplined in creating detailed call lists for their power hours. They have the time to do this because of the seamless dialing process in Orum. “The building the list and research is now the more monotonous aspect of prospecting. Using Orum is the fun part. Reps went from hating the calling process to calling being the best part of the job.”

Sisu’s reps now spend at least an hour daily on Orum’s Salesfloor. In that time, which they call Money Making Time (MMT), each rep averages 80-100 dials. The dramatic reduction in the time it takes to make these calls means they have more time to research, build strategic call lists, and review calls as a team to improve objection handling.

“Salesfloor has been a dynamic platform for reps to provide feedback to one another and build camaraderie. Rejections feel harsh when you’re by yourself, but if someone experiences a rough rejection with the group being able to react and laugh with them, it becomes a badge of honor.”

There are a number of features beyond just the ease of use and the Salesfloor that Sisu reps enjoy. “My reps love that they can see the connection rates of each number they’re using to dial in Orum. It’s such a powerful tool.”

Results– 3X the calls & 3X the amount of demos booked

Since adding Orum to their tech stack, Sisu has transitioned to a call-first go-to-market team, and, according to Zac, the process isn’t just more successful but also more enjoyable.

The reps love the Orum platform, but the numbers speak for themselves. They are making times the number of calls they were prior during their sales cycles and have seen a 3X increase in the number of demos they’ve booked. “With Orum, we are booking a demo for one out of every ten prospects we put into our sequences.”

Sisu breaks up their calendar in “Cycles,” which they define in 1-2 week prospecting blitzes. The cycle before they started using Orum, they reached out to 403 prospects, totaling 14 scheduled demos. In the first cycle, when they started using Orum, they contacted 712 prospects and scheduled 64 demos.

Not only did they nearly double the number of people they could prospect to, but they saw a nearly 4X increase in the calls they could make while increasing their “cycle to demo” rate from 3.47% to 8.98%. Orum supercharged not just the activity metrics but also the results as well.

“Orum removes the doubt from the prospecting process. We know if we’re able to build our lists before getting into the Salesfloor, we’re going to be able to make enough calls and have enough connects to hit our metrics.”

“Cold calling manually feels like pedaling a bike uphill. Using Orum is like being strapped to a bullet train. It used to be painfully slow, and now it’s not only fast but also fun. We’re having more connections, but it feels like less work.”