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Boost Connect-More cold call conversations using the right number at the right time

Parker Holt

Mar 28 2024


Are you tired of struggling to connect with your prospects over the phone? Do you constantly switch call-from numbers, hoping to improve your connect rates? We understand the challenges of outbound calling, even with an AI dialer like Orum, which is why we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Boost Connect.

Improving connect rates with Orum’s Boost Connect

At Orum, we're committed to revolutionizing how businesses engage with customers. Boost Connect streamlines your outbound calling process and maximizes your chances of connecting with prospects effectively. Leveraging advanced algorithms and rich data insights, Boost Connect automatically selects the best call-from number for each dial, ensuring optimal performance and driving tangible results.

Since implementing Boost Connect, Orum customers have experienced remarkable improvements in their connect rates. Ramp, for example, has seen an impressive 43% increase in their connect rate since enabling Boost Connect. Abstrakt Marketing’s connect rate also increased by 26% with the feature.

For Abstrakt Marketing, 98% of the time, Boost Connect selected a better call-from number than the fallback number chosen by users. Our algorithm consistently outperforms manual selection, helping you make the most out of every call.

How to turn on Orum's Boost Connect feature

Boost Connect can be enabled or disabled by the account admin by going to Settings > System > Boost Connect. When disabled at the account level, individual users will not see the Boost Connect toggle on the left side panel of the Dialer page.

Orum's Boost Connect

How Orum’s AI-driven call data leads to more conversations

The impact of Boost Connect extends beyond individual cases. Across the board our users have seen connect rates increase by a median of ~18%. Nearly 60% of the time, Boost Connect selects a better number than the fallback number chosen by users, optimizing cold call performance and driving better outcomes.

Boost Connect analyzes vast historical call data and leverages available prospect information. Orum’s proprietary algorithm identifies the most suitable call-from number for each dial. This data-driven approach eliminates the guesswork and ensures that every call is made with precision and purpose.

Say goodbye to manual number switching and hello to increased productivity and efficiency. Get started with Boost Connect today and experience the difference for yourself. Your prospects are just a call away—let Orum help you make every connection count.