Customer Stories

The world-class buyer’s journey that brought together Orum and Abstrakt Marketing


About Abstrakt Marketing: Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Abstrakt Marketing Group is a B2B lead generation company and business growth agency. They provide multi-channel marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses looking to grow.

Challenge–A need for a force-multiplying conversation platform

Abstrakt Marketing’s sales development differs from most other organizations you’ll find. They succeed by driving pipeline and revenue growth not just for their own company but on behalf of other organizations as well.

They employ hundreds of reps who book meetings for their clients. Other teams are responsible for additional aspects of their omnichannel approach, which means their SDRs are solely responsible for connecting with prospects over the phone and booking meetings.

Dialing on behalf of multiple clients means each rep makes hundreds of dials daily. This makes it essential for reps to have a platform that empowers them to “rip through dials” quickly while generating excitement amongst the team. However, having a tool that drives productivity is not enough. They needed a platform that worked with their tech stack and that reps wanted to use.

“The biggest challenge for us is ensuring our reps have a platform that they’re bought into,” said Eric Watkins, President at Abstrakt Marketing Group. “The reps are the livelihood of our clients' businesses, and we want to ensure people are fired up to do intentional work.

Eric led an extensive search to find the perfect solution for his team. He took meetings with every live conversation platform on the market, thoroughly identifying an organization that wouldn’t just be a vendor but a partner in their ongoing growth.

Decision criteria– Seamless Salesforce integration, User experience, and trust

Abstrakt Marketing has nuanced and detail-oriented operations teams that set their reps up for success from the moment they start their training and throughout their careers. A key element within their process involves intricate usage of Salesforce. Any Live Conversation Platform they used needed to integrate seamlessly with their Salesforce instance.

The fact that we could turn on Orum and, day one, the integration worked was huge
Eric Watkins
President at Abstrakt Marketing Group

The second aspect that led to their partnership with Orum was the platform interface and overall user experience. “Our reps loved the ease of use, but beyond that, Orum’s UX is the absolute top of the market, and the team is constantly innovating and adding new features. That innovation has continued throughout our partnership.”

Eric and his team shopped around for months, looking at other platforms, but kept returning to the simple fact that Orum routinely over-delivered. Other platforms had endless challenges with numbers being marked as spam and clunky parallel dialing experiences, and they made promises without proof points to back them up.

In the end, Orum outperformed all other competitors from a technology perspective. Still, the Orum team also consistently met Abstrakt Marketing, where they were in the process of becoming a customer.

This leads us to Abstrakt Marketing’s final criterion– the trust built throughout the sales process.

You purchase from people you believe in and trust, which shone through during our buyer’s journey with Orum. The entire process was first-class, and the Orum team proved their passion for the contract and our success as an organization.
Eric Watkins
President at Abstrakt Marketing Group

Results– More pitch opportunities through more at-bats

One of Asbtrakt’s goals with every cold call is to pitch the prospect. This means having a conversation that includes the opportunity to ask several probing questions. Since adding Orum to their tech stack, they’ve seen an increase in pitch percentage, leading to consistent growth in booked meetings.

Through Orum’s power and parallel dialing, our reps now expect someone to pick up the phone. All the manual aspects of the process are gone, which speeds up the experience, making it more efficient and substantially more fun.
Eric Watkins
President at Abstrakt Marketing Group

Orum’s innovative features, like Hot Numbers, have increased connect rates, maximizing the rep’s dialing time.

Eric also noted the mindset shift that Orum has helped create for their team. “Watching Orum automatically move on from a prospect that didn’t pick up improves rep mindset. All those dials that don’t pick up are numbers they didn’t have to dial or leave voicemails for manually. It reduces the mental exhaustion that comes with cold calling.”

The Abstrakt Marketing team has seen success because Orum lets reps focus on a straightforward task–making more pitches on behalf of their clients every day. Their Ops teams provide each rep with the call lists they need, and then Orum lets them rip through their dials faster, increasing the number of conversations they have.

Sales reps who are “Growing up in Orum”

As an organization constantly adding new clients, Abstrakt Marketing works to onboard new SDRs monthly, and Orum helps ramp up those reps faster than ever. As an organization with dozens of career paths available to new reps, they must have a platform that reduces training time and empowers reps to hit the ground running as quickly as possible. This maximizes their value to the company and their ability to grow as a member of the team.

Michaela Tuttle, Abstrakt Marketing’s Director of New Hire Onboarding, shared how quickly Orum is enabling new reps to get started.

New reps grow up in the Orum platform. We have them making dials by the second day, listening to call recordings, and getting instant feedback. It’s been vital to maintaining our consistently expanding client list.
Michaela Tuttle
Director of New Hire Onboarding at Abstrakt Marketing Group

The leadership team at Abstrakt Marketing understands that, for many individuals, the SDR role is a stepping stone on the career path. Succeeding in the role opens up multiple opportunities for their reps to move into higher-paying roles at the organization. That success is driven by the reps’ ability to have more conversations and book more meetings.

“Success for our organization and the individuals boils down to the same thing– building pipeline and revenue opportunities for our clients. Orum enables us to have that success across the board. It’s a perfect platform for our company's growth and our people's growth.”