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Hot Numbers - More conversations in less time! 🔥

Parker Holt

Dec 20 2023


You may have noticed a little extra heat in Orum’s platform lately, thanks to one of our newest releases – Hot Numbers. Hot Numbers helps sales reps identify phone numbers on important call tasks that can be as much as five times more likely to result in a connection—leading to more conversations with prospects in less time.

Sales reps often struggle to know which numbers are accurate or which phone numbers on their lists are most likely to connect. This means they must spend the same amount of time and effort on all the phone numbers on their lists.

How Orum creates data-driven increased connection rates

With Orum, that’s no longer the case. Hot Numbers proactively identifies numbers more likely to connect by putting a 🔥 emoji next to the number. This isn’t based on data we purchased somewhere or results pulled from the connected CRM. It’s a proprietary algorithm that analyzes aggregated historical connection rates of over 100 million calls made on Orum’s platform.

In a call blitz focused exclusively on Hot Numbers, Orum’s AE team had 173 connections with a 30% connection rate! Other early users are seeing similar results from Hot Numbers.

Since Hot Numbers’ release at the end of October, users have experienced a connect rate 4x higher when dialing Hot Numbers.

These sustained levels of success, combined with Orum’s immense amount of call data, highlight that this isn’t just a flash-in-the-pan moment. Rather, Hot Numbers have proven to be a sustainable game-changer that dramatically increases connect rates and pipeline growth opportunities.

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