Report finds 51% of all sales pipeline comes from the phone

Adam Sockel

Sep 14 2023


Recently, we conducted a survey through Qualtrics in which we blind surveyed 1,000 sales professionals throughout the United States. This State of Sales Development report offers a wide range of findings from preferred outbound channels, where organizations are investing in sales development, and the specifics about the sustainability of the current sales development representative experience.

The report highlights that, while customer acquisition cost is up for more than half of respondents, they understand the essentiality of not just sales development but the tech stack required to help those reps succeed. In fact, the majority of respondents expect their sales development representative numbers to climb in the next twelve months.

State of sales development

Cold calling is not dead

Data from the report shows that cold calling not only remains vital to pipeline generation, but respondents say their cold calling volume has both increased in the previous year and expect it to continue to grow.

A majority (51%) of all sales pipeline is currently coming from the phone as eight of the eleven industries surveyed stated it was their number one outbound channel and all eleven placed the phone in their top three.

The report also shows the continued expansion of AI-powered dialer usage as the majority of respondents noted using some form of parallel, power, or CRM-based dialer to facilitate their cold calling. Respondents also addressed the greatest challenges they’re facing related to cold calling and outbound sales in general and the report ends with recommendations for maximizing your sales development investment.