Unlocking the power of AI- Introducing Boost Connect

Parker Holt

Jun 25 2024


We are thrilled to officially launch Boost Connect, our latest artificial intelligence feature, to help teams transform their outbound calling strategy. We first introduced Boost Connect in March, and after a successful beta release, it is now ready to help Orum users elevate their connect rates and drive more meaningful conversations with prospects.

What is Orum’s Boost Connect?

Boost Connect is the first-of-its-kind feature to optimize outbound calling efforts by automatically selecting the best call-from number for each dial. Leveraging an advanced proprietary algorithm, Boost Connect uses various intelligence signals, including insights gained from historical data of more than 250 million calls, to automatically select the best call-from number to enhance the likelihood of making successful connections with prospects.

It also eliminates the need to rotate through different call-from numbers, saving reps time and allowing them to prepare to speak with the prospect. Boost Connect works regardless of whether you use Orum’s power or parallel dialer.

Results from Orum’s Boost Connect beta release

The beta release lasted three months, beginning in March 2024. During that time, nearly 5,000 users made 12 million calls with Boost Connect enabled, or roughly 30% of the more than 30 million calls made on Orum. On average, calls made with Boost Connect enabled have a 27% increase in connect rate. Furthermore, more than 90 customers have seen an increase of 30-75%, with another 60+ experiencing a 100%+ increase in connect rates with Boost Connect enabled.

Boost Connect is saving sellers hundreds of hours

How to turn on Boost Connect

The account admin can enable or disable Boost Connect by going to Settings > System > Boost Connect. When disabled at the account level, individual users will not see the Boost Connect toggle on the left side panel of the Dialer page.

Boost connect by Orum

Why you need to use Boost Connect

By harnessing the power of AI, Boost Connect takes the guesswork out of outbound calling. Our algorithm analyzes vast amounts of data—over 250 million calls—and leverages available prospect information to ensure each call is made with precision and purpose. Users can sit back and focus on having meaningful conversations while Boost Connect handles the rest.

Experience the future of outbound calling

Boost Connect is more than just a feature; it’s a game-changer for businesses looking to drive more pipeline over the phone. Join the growing number of users who have seen significant improvements in their connect rates. Embrace the future of outbound calling with Orum’s Boost Connect and make every connection count.

Ready to supercharge your outbound calling efforts? Try Boost Connect today and experience the transformative power of AI in action.