Answering inbound callbacks results in 3-4x more booked meetings

Adam Sockel

Jun 28 2023


Recently, our developers did a deep dive into the millions of calls made using Orum each month, resulting in some interesting findings. While cold calling is more efficient than ever before, it’s obvious that a fair amount of your outbound prospecting will result in a missed call or leaving a voicemail.

Cold calling is essential to a successful multichannel sales plan, and leaving voicemails in sequence is massively beneficial. In fact, previous Orum research shows that leaving a voicemail for the prospect leads to a 25.8% improvement in future call pickup rates.

Benefits extend beyond increasing the likelihood of prospects answering future calls, however. Leaving a voicemail for a prospect leads to an 11% increase in the likelihood of that prospect calling you back. This leads to the latest bit of exciting research our team has done. Orum data shows that answering an inbound callback is 3-4x more likely to result in a booked meeting than connecting with an outbound prospect.

Overlaying messages through multiple outbound channels builds familiarity with your product and company. Orum reps often pair a voicemail strategy with an email follow-up or LinkedIn outreach for optimum results. After doing all that hard work to establish trust, it’s imperative that reps answer callbacks and this new data proves how beneficial that can be in growing your pipeline.

Orum’s call forwarding and inbound call analytics

Optimizing your process is pivotal to maximizing inbound callback opportunities. This means properly setting up call forwarding to ensure prospects can connect with you when they attempt to call back. Call forwarding matters so prospects can call you back and decrease the likelihood of your number being marked as illegitimate SPAM.

Orum enables you to set your call forwarding number

In Orum’s platform, AI-powered logic automatically shows you the relevant information if you select only inbound or only outbound filters. For example, if you choose to only look at Inbound data, information like Dials, Outbound Connects, etc. will be removed from the page so you can really focus on those inbound calls! The same applies if you use the outbound filters.

Within Orum, you’ll also find the ability to log inbound calls with a desired disposition. This assures your call data will remain clean for easy reporting and training purposes.

Callbacks, follow-ups, and more

Previously, We’ve discussed the various ways Orum can help your sales development build a healthy revenue pipeline. Using our Live Conversation Platform is a powerful way to maximize a rep's daily reach. Team call blitzes using Orum’s Salesfloor product build team culture while creating instant training and coaching opportunities.

Our reps also use follow-up call tasks to drive success and land meetings, and Click to Call empowers your team when they need to be more strategic in their calling sessions. Setting up call forwarding adds inbound callbacks to your tool belt of ways to land more meetings and keep growing your pipeline.

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