Product Updates

What is Click to Call?

Adam Sockel

Mar 28 2023


Orum is excited to announce the release of another dialing option, Click to Call. Click to Call provides another dialing option to meet sales reps where they are most comfortable. While many outbound sales efforts are focused on dialing as many prospects as quickly as possible, there are times when reps need to be more strategic and specific with call tasks. Enter Click to Call.

Click to Call eliminates the need for sales reps to interrupt their workflow to go into their CRM for one-off calls tasks. This can now all be accomplished from Orum’s live conversation platform, saving time and limiting workflow disruptions.

A strategic dialer for sales reps

With Click to Call, sales reps can:

  • Strategically engage specific prospects from call lists to better engage prospects Target calling specific prospects from call lists in order to more strategically engage prospects
  • Limit workflow disruptions by easily calling back prospects that were dispositioned to indicate follow up is needed (e.g. ‘Follow-up required or ‘busy - call later’)
  • Return an inbound call that was missed using Orum to easily re-engage prospects and be able to track the outcome of the call
Click to Call allows me to easily make targeted, strategic calls at the click of a button. Then I can go right back to power or parallel dialing the rest of my call tasks. It's nice to have the additional feature that gives you total control of how you want to use the platform and live in Orum. It also allows for these one off calls to be included in my call recordings for coaching and gives me the most analytically accurate picture of my calling efforts.
Josh Sandlian
Account Executive

Another benefit of Click to Call is having the prospects information available to review before starting the call, allowing more prep time prior to connection. Additionally, newer sales reps (or those without a lot of experience working with a dialer), can use Click to Call to work through their call tasks at a slower pace. They can pick and choose who and when to make their calls until they gain confidence with the calling process.

Whether organizational goals are to focus on continuous power dialing, parallel dialing, or individual calling tasks, Orum offers options to meet sales reps where they’re at from a comfort and execution standpoint with their call tasks.