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Orum v. Mojo Dialer: Which is the best dialer for your team?

Elise Hauser

Jun 20 2024


As more and more SDR teams realize that the key to their outbound success is the phone, many are looking for the best dialing solution for their team. With most of the sales pipeline coming from the phone, ensuring your team has the best dialing solution for their needs is critical.

Companies of all sizes, from startups to firmly established Fortune 500 companies, routinely choose Orum over competitors, including Mojo, because of Orum’s superior AI-powered calling solution, the data gravity within Orum’s platform, and the features available to their sales team. Organizations, including Shipstation, Abstrakt Marketing, Ramp, Crunchbase, and hundreds of others, maximize their activity and continue to succeed in the most challenging sales landscape in recent history with Orum.

As meetings become harder to book and require more touchpoints than ever, sales development tools that create a calling culture and connect reps directly to prospects are essential. In this article, we’ll compare Orum and Mojo software and provide decision criteria for selecting the right dialer for your reps.

About Orum

Orum is an industry-leading AI-powered dialing platform that helps teams produce more pipeline, ROI, and revenue by automating the calling process. It identifies human speech, filters out non-productive numbers, and navigates phone directories, saving teams hours of manual work.

Orum's features include efficient sequences, pre-recorded voicemails, and a virtual Salesfloor. Orum is designed to increase the rate of actual human conversation, making sales processes easier, faster, and more meaningful.

About Mojo

Mojo describes itself as a “premium Dialing System and Lead Generation platform.” It primarily caters to the Real Estate industry, with 95% of its customer base coming from that industry. Mojo also goes beyond a dialer to offer a full CRM solution. Unlike Orum, Mojo does not offer an AI-powered dialer but relies on “copper technology.”

How to choose a dialer for your team

For the previous generation of dialers, like Mojo, the main draw was streamlining the dialing process. However, simply making more calls is no longer the best measure of success for sales teams. The measure of success for modern dialers is how many conversations your team is having with your target ICP. AI-powered Live Conversation Platforms like Orum go beyond dialing to support everything your team needs to get into conversations with prospects and book more meetings.

Thanks to Orum’s industry-leading AI, we can offer features like Hot Numbers, Boost Connect, Objection Dection, and Call Library that help your team engage in more conversations, prevent you from showing up as spam, and enable your team leads to coach your reps to improve their phone performance effectively.

Parallel dialing speeds

With Orum, reps can parallel dial up to 10 lines simultaneously, whereas Mojo caps out at 3 lines. Being able to fine-tune the number of lines you dial at once is key to strategic dialing. Orum’s power and parallel dialers were built internally on a proprietary telephony AI platform and are constantly updated to optimize performance and connect rates.

With Orum, reps can click to call individual contacts, power dial one line at a time, or ramp up the parallel speed to move through larger lists faster. A dialer like Mojo, which caps out at 3 lines, can be useful for teams with only small lists to work through.


One of the most important considerations when purchasing a dialer is how it will integrate with the rest of your tech stack. Mojo provides an API to connect with Follow Up Boss, Mailchimp, Zillow, Google, and Exchange. Orum provides CRM integrations aimed at driving more pipeline:

  • Apollo: Orum seamlessly integrates with Apollo to sync call activity, prospect details, and more. This integration dramatically increases outbound productivity by reducing time spent on manual tasks while syncing two essential aspects of your tech stack.
  • Gong: Orum's integration combines Orum's boost in call productivity with Gong's conversational intelligence.
  • HubSpot: You can connect HubSpot to Orum to call from lists and display prospect details during a call. This integration automates tasks and provides valuable insights into your sequencing and the buyer’s journey.
  • Outreach: Orum can be connected to Outreach to boost call efficiency and sales workflows.
  • Salesforce: Salesforce connects to Orum in minutes. You can pull in reports to start dialing and sync data to and from each platform.
  • SalesLoft: By connecting SalesLoft to Orum, you can sync call activity and display prospect details during each call.

Industry Focus

The right dialer for your team may depend partly on what industries you target. Mojo focuses heavily on the real estate industry, with 95% of its customers coming from it. On the other hand, Orum has customers from a wide range of industries. By not specializing in a single industry, Orum has built a platform that works for various industries and use cases.

Mojo could be a great fit for your team if you are a real estate agent or investor. However, other industries may feel underserved by Mojo’s offering.

Orum SPAM Prevention

Orum focuses on minimizing calls that show up as SPAM. One of the best ways to increase your connect rate is to make sure you call from high-quality numbers that do not appear as spam on prospects' caller IDs. Each rep gets ten monthly numbers in Orum to rotate as needed. Additionally, Orum monitors your numbers for spam on a nightly basis.

Orum provides all paying customers with Grade "A" Caller ID numbers, which are real business lines. Mojo does not provide call-from numbers. Users “need a reliable third-party phone source to call into the dialing system.”

AI-Powered Dialer Benefits

Orum’s AI continues to increase bridge-to-connect rates and improve the quality of the rep experience, eliminating delays when reps get bridged into conversations with prospects.

Orum also uses AI to provide automatic call notes and Objection Detection, identifying objections raised in recorded calls. These features, combined with Orum’s Call Library, are vital tools for helping reps stay focused on current conversations while training new reps and providing coaching opportunities for managers.

Without AI to detect when a human answers the phone instead of when a voicemail connects, reps can expect more false positives, resulting in wasted time and missed connections with prospects.

Coaching and analytics

Orum provides a resource for managers and reps to reference previously recorded calls. Orum’s Call Library can be curated based on persona, rep, objection, or any other factor to create a culture of continuous learning. In Orum, managers and users can curate permanent Call Library playlists that are readily available without the need to sort through the call library every time.

Reporting and analytics are essential for sales leaders. Orum provides key performance metrics, disposition reporting for every call, and individual rep data. Mojo does not provide tools for coaching as it is primarily geared towards individual reps managing their leads and accounts. This doesn’t provide much opportunity for SDR leaders to provide coaching or feedback to help their reps improve.

Virtual Salesfloor

Modern sales development representatives can feel isolated because of the realities of remote and hybrid work environments. Orum combats this by providing virtual Salesfloor, collaborative spaces where reps can dial together, learn from one another, and listen to live conversations with prospects.

Mojo doesn’t offer any kind of collaboration space for teams. Reps work in silos on their accounts and leads.

Choosing the right dialer for your team can be complex, but understanding what Orum and Mojo uniquely offer can help you make the best decision for your team.

Orum stands out with its advanced AI-powered features, parallel dialing capabilities, and comprehensive integrations, making it suitable for various industries. With its strong focus on real estate and CRM functionalities, Mojo might be the better choice for those within that niche.

If you think Orum might be a good fit for your team, book a demo today!