Customer Stories

Salsify triples their pipeline instantly using Orum


Salsify helps thousands of brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in over 140 countries collaborate to win on the digital shelf. The company’s Product Experience Management (PXM) platform enables organizations to centralize all of their product content, connect to the commerce ecosystem, and automate business processes in order to deliver the best possible product experiences across every selling destination.

Challenge–A need to get in front of a well-defined ICP

Salsify has an established go-to-market organization running various sales and marketing tactics. They succeed in building pipeline through events, digital marketing, and outbound prospecting through their business development team. What Meg Hoyecki, Vice President of Revenue Marketing at Salsify, began noticing, however, was declining results in outbound calling. The team was seeing attrition rates connected to their email marketing campaigns, and connecting with prospective customers was getting much more challenging.

“We have a really well-defined ICP. We know who our potential customers are, what types of accounts would be interested in our services, and how to help them. We just needed to be able to have conversations with them.” Before Orum, sales reps had days where they would only have a single connection in an eight-hour day. When a prospect would finally pick up, it would almost startle the rep because it was happening so infrequently.

When boiling down their overall needs to its simplest form, Meg was clear. “Our goal is to get more meetings booked. My team is responsible for the entire company’s pipeline. Many of the people my team are calling have some awareness of the problems we solve and likely have engaged with our content in some way. We just needed the opportunity to connect with them and move the conversation forward.”

Decision criteria–Connection rate & more at-bats

Orum was Meg’s first software acquisition when joining the Salsify team. “I connected with our BDR Operations Manager, who had seen a demo from an Orum rep, and we knew it would resonate with our team.”

Meg was sold on Orum as a platform when it was her turn to get a demo. “I watched the Orum rep parallel dial live, which was so exciting. I wasn’t even the one doing the calling, and I could feel my heart racing!”

After seeing how simple the process was and how many people Orum could connect a rep with, Salsify knew this solution could boost the team’s productivity.

Solution–A platform that makes BDR lives easier

“Orum is a great fit for our team.” That was how Meg described why they’ve been loving using Orum. Salsify was able to easily integrate Orum into their tech stack so that their sequencing seamlessly included call tasks through the platform. “We incorporated several best practices from our Orum rep, such as sending an email before the first call, which gives reps a ‘reason to connect’ with the prospect.”

By implementing best practices from Orum and increasing the volume of connections their reps saw immediate success on the Orum platform. From day one using Orum’s live conversation platform, rep morale improved. Gone were the full days with only a single connection. They were speaking with more prospects, which improved their pitching capabilities and overall success metrics. Pipeline numbers improved instantly.

Results–Skyrocketing success numbers and improved team morale

Calling success has exploded since Salsify’s reps have begun using Orum. Monthly dials instantly doubled and connections soared the month they implemented Orum. These numbers have continued to grow every month since. Monthly meetings booked per rep doubled as well and the team currently sits at 128% of their quota for meetings booked for the year, surpassing 100% of monthly quota every single month since implementing Orum.

The success of the team has positively affected more than just the bottom line.

Our overall team culture has improved since bringing Orum onboard. The team has blown quota out of the water every single month with the platform which makes for happy reps, and a happier sales organization as a whole.
Meg Hoyecki
Vice President, Revenue Marketing at Salsify

Meg also noted that morale is something that can be hard to quantify but it’s obvious how improved the spirit and mood of the team has become. “Reps are getting more at-bats, they’re having more conversations everyday. Excitement builds as they add more and more numbers to their parallel dialing process. They know they have to be ready to go when a prospect picks up and they’ve responded resoundingly.”