Customer Stories

How QTS doubled calls per rep per day


Challenge: QTS wanted to get in front of target accounts by strategically leveraging phone conversations

When Matt joined QTS in 2018, he was tasked with building out a sales team. The goal was not to instantly sell QTS to prospects, but to get the QTS name in front of as many target accounts as possible, especially since the deal cycles are long.

The team has strategically relied on phone conversations as part of the greater outbound strategy to make connections and book meetings. When Matt first joined QTS, he hired his first rep, who began making calls via a desk line. “Our first rep was dialing phone numbers manually, and it was clear that this process would not scale,” said Matt.

The team implemented a dialer, allowing the reps to call via VoIP. While this increased the number of dials the team could make, there was still room for improvement.

Matt knew that he could scale the call volume by hiring more sales reps, but he believed that leveraging technology would be a better strategy. Matt used a dialing product in a prior role and began searching for a solution.

Solution: Fast implementation of an AI-driven live conversation platform

Matt used competitor products in the past but found the experience cumbersome. When he stumbled upon Orum, he was impressed. Not only did the product seem like the right fit, but Matt also felt that Orum was offering cutting-edge technology delivered by a world-class team. Orum’s AI technology detects bad numbers, helps reps navigate through dial trees, and parallel dials prospects to maximize dialing volume, exactly Matt's goal. Matt’s team implemented Orum quickly, with direct integrations into QTS’s CRM and sales engagement platform.

Our sales strategy is to introduce ourselves to target accounts so that we are top of mind, which has worked extremely well for us. We have competitors that are 3x our size, but we’ve beaten them in net new business with this approach.
Matt Mcgill
VP of Inside Sales

Results: More calls, more connects, more efficiency

After a year and a half of working with Orum, the QTS team yielded impressive results in its outbound sales development efforts. The team managed to 2X its calls per rep per day, leading to more connects for the overall team, which led to driving pipeline and revenue.

The solution has also been easy for the team to pick up, regardless of how tech-savvy the team members are. “I hired an SDR who was less familiar with technology products than the rest of the team, and they were able to accomplish their goals easily with Orum,” said Matt. “Anyone can pick this up, and that’s because of how intuitive and well-designed it is.” This has helped improve the SDR team culture; to date, Matt has retained 94% of the SDRs on his team.

Matt has also been impressed with the level of customer support he’s received from Orum. The Orum team has been responsive to Matt’s team’s questions and needs, “Working with Orum is like working with a top-tier tech team—and that’s the way it should be.”

Ultimately, Orum is helping QTS reach its strategic goals by providing a conversation-generating platform that makes it easier and more efficient to connect, book meetings, drive pipeline, and ultimately drive ARR.

When I look at what Orum has done for us, I see we’ve doubled our calling productivity per rep per day. And that’s not because the reps are suddenly changing the way they work– it’s their use of Orum
Matt Mcgill
VP of Inside Sales