Customer Stories

Cloud Coach sees greater productivity & quality through Orum’s integrations


Cloud Coach provides enterprise-grade project management, professional services automation (PSA), and project portfolio management (PPM) software. They seek to help companies scale through improved processes. Cloud Coach can service organizations of all shapes and sizes as a Salesforce-native platform.

Challenge–Shifts in market affects BDR workflows

Cloud Coach has a large Total Addressable Market (TAM) but experienced a shift in willingness from prospects to even start the conversation about bringing on new platforms. Shane Belew, Cloud Coach Sales Manager, said, “Selling has never been easy, but, before this year, there was an openness to learning about new products. There was a thought process that if they like the tool, they’ll be able to get the budget and get others onboard as well. It’s harder to land those initial meetings now, which is changing how our BDRs work.”

This reduced willingness to take meetings was cause for concern. Cloud Coach’s sales organization is highly skilled and experienced but, without a consistent pipeline, revenue growth would slow. Shane knew that they needed to create more sales qualified opportunities so Account Executives (AEs) could sustainably do their job. “We have a talented group of AEs. They close a substantial number of inbound leads and even when we shifted our efforts to include more outbound, close rates on those leads were high as well.” However, the apprehension of prospects to take meetings created a persistent growth challenge.

Decision criteria–Tech stack integration was essential

Cloud Coach needed a platform seamlessly integrating with their email and social sequencing tasks. When running a trial with a different tool, Shane added steps to his process instead of reducing the friction. “I couldn’t mark call tasks complete in the other platform, meaning I had to do that in multiple places. It didn’t automate our sequencing. I had to do that manually, creating reporting in two different locations.” The team couldn’t see the overall success of the campaign because they’d have disparate call and email reporting.

Solution–Scalable success through Orum

When they tried Orum, the opposite occurred. “Our reps loved how easy the process was. They loved the automation of administrative tasks. It reduced the manual work they had to do. Ultimately, though, what they loved most is that it got them more dials.”

Cloud Coach’s BDRs are incentivized by booking meetings. Their reps needed a solution that empowered them to spend more time connecting with prospects. The results they achieved with Orum were exactly what they were looking for. “Our reps wanted to spend less time making lists and more time making connections. With Orum, prospecting work that took six hours is now taking two.” Not only did they make more calls, but they spent less time on manual tasks, leading to growth in other areas.

Prospecting channels beyond calling grew as well. “Emails got better, LinkedIn touch points became more frequent, and BDRs were taking better call notes. The entire prospecting process improved.”

Shane stated that both their BDRs and AEs are highly skilled, booking and closing meetings at an above-average rate, so ramping up their productivity was the best route to a sustainably growing pipeline. When they were able to connect with prospects, even with the market's hesitancy, they booked meetings in roughly one out of every five conversations.

The math was simple. If they could connect with more prospects, they could book more meetings. “We originally looked at marketing qualified leads through content downloads but because of the capabilities of our BDRs, we knew that providing scale to their infrastructure would ultimately be the best solution. Orum provided that scalability.”

Results–Better connect rates. Better calls. Better work.

Cloud Coach’s BDRs love the results they are seeing with Orum. It not only supercharges their ability to accomplish core responsibilities, but they’ve been able to expand their value to the sales organization as a whole. They’re making more calls and booking more meetings while also having time to build out more customized email messages and offer far more detailed discovery notes to their AEs.

In fact, Shane noted that he’s received praise for Orum from AEs who aren’t even using the platform. “The AE mentioned how improved the discovery notes have been from their BDR since we’ve brought on Orum. It’s helping him close more deals.” This can be attributed to Orum cutting the manual work time in half by integrating with their entire tech stack. The time it takes to perform manual sequencing tasks has dramatically reduced, leaving more time for reps to book more meetings through all channels.

Orum not only enables our reps to get their jobs done faster but also better. It wasn’t just an increased amount of call productivity but their overall KPI numbers increased as well.
Shane Belew
Sales Manager

In addition to increasing the amount of work reps can accomplish in their days, Orum is also driving a substantial increase in the connect rate reps are seeing during their call blocks. “Orum has doubled our connect rate from 3% to 6%. That may not seem like much but when you take into account the amount of calls we can make now because of Orum, it leads to a substantial amount of additional meetings booked. It equates to an extra meeting booked every single day.”

For the Cloud Coach team, tech stack integration through Orum has driven success in both expected and unexpected ways. They’re reducing time spent on repetitive, manual tasks, improving the overall quality of their sequencing and collaboration, and driving increased business results for the entire organization.