Sales teams, level up

Ensure your team’s continued success with the playbook you always dreamed of. Implement best practices and build a high-performance team — without the legwork.
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Get automated insights

Are reps encountering the same objections? Are their lists leading to actual connects? See the things that are holding your team back — without having to go digging. Pair live call insights with Orum’s analytics to coach your reps to success.
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Encourage healthy competition

Harness Orum’s gamification features to bring healthy competition to your salesfloor. Let reps see key milestones and achievements, and inspire them climb the leaderboard.
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Thanks to Orum, our reps would hit 200 calls in a day, a task that previously would have taken them an entire week. That’s a 400% improvement in productivity
Anthony Nava
Sr. Sales Development Manager

Share best practices & inspire confidence

Let reps listen in to live sales conversations as they happen. Empower junior team members to learn from experienced veterans and understand the tricks of the trade.
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