Orum vs.–Evaluating our Live Conversation Platform and the competition

Adam Sockel

Oct 24 2023


Since 2018, Orum has been a sales platform built by salespeople for salespeople. Jason Dorfman, Orum CEO and Co-Founder, as well as the entire Orum leadership team, have spent their entire career in tech sales. Their leadership and deep belief in the importance of outbound prospecting and the power of conversations inspired them to create a platform and brand with one goal–making sales more human.

Orum’s Live Conversation Platform

Orum’s leadership has decades of experience leading some of the most successful sales teams in the world. They’ve helped build multiple unicorn sales and sales development teams, generated millions of dollars in revenue, and built sustainable team cultures along the way. This expertise is at the core of Orum’s AI-powered Live Conversation Platform.

Orum leverages AI in the platform to automate the manual and repetitive tasks associated with dialing. By automating the dialing process, navigating phone trees, leaving voicemails, writing call notes, and tracking dispositions, Orum saves the median user over 300 hours. The time saved by automating the dialing process, navigating phone trees, leaving voicemails, writing call notes, and tracking dispositions open up countless hours for reps to have more conversations with prospects.

Virtual Salesfloor

When evaluating pipeline generation tools, we know there are a number of decision criteria sales leaders need to consider. This includes considering the remote and hybrid reality many sales teams live in. This is why we built the Salesfloor, a virtual space for reps to dial together, learn from one another, and grow the calling culture necessary to thrive at cold calling.

Orum’s Salesfloor is fully integrated within our Live Conversation Platform, providing full-service sales and growth opportunities for SDRs, AEs, and their managers. Orum’s functionality creates more at-bat for reps, increases pipeline opportunities, and accelerates revenue. At the same time, the Salesfloor reduces ramp time, creates an authentic team culture, and encourages continuous improvement for reps of every experience level.

Data and analytics

Built directly into Orum’s Live Conversation Platform, our analytics create better sales reps and managers. Leaders can remove the guesswork by seeing real-time metrics connected to call activity, objection handling, conversation-to-meeting rates, and countless metrics that improve training opportunities. Managers can also use Orum’s Call Library or Live Listen to hear recordings of conversations, build out recurring call reviews, and highlight successful pitches.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are necessary when considering tools to add to your tech stack, so we work tirelessly with our Engineers to achieve a SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certification. Achieving these certifications shows that an organization has established a system to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company. Orum holds itself to the highest standards, respecting the best practices and principles enshrined in these international standards.

Tech stack integrations

Orum provides robust native integrations with Outreach, SFDC, Salesloft, HubSpot, Gong, and Google. The value of Orum’s integrations lies within the ability to work with the toolset your reps are already using, increasing the capabilities of your tech stack while reducing the manual steps needed to maximize ROI.

Proven sales market leader

We know you won’t just want to take our word for it, which is why we’re proud to share our status as a G2 Market Leader in B2B Sales Calling Platforms with Series B investment from investors like Craft Ventures. Hundreds of customers across SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise have consistently seen proven, repeatable success by boosting rep productivity by 400% and increasing pipeline by over 200%.

Orum is proud to have established itself as the market leader in digital sales, with users completing over 200 million dials on our platform. As the industry continues to grow, additional Orum alternatives like Nooks, Connect & Sell, Kixie, and Phoneburner have created dialers of their own. Competition in the space creates a demand for advancement, and we are continuously improving our offerings to provide the best possible experience.

Flexible plans

Our flexible plans include multiple dialing options (Click to call, power dialing, parallel dialing) and unlimited calls, and we have helped teams of all sizes transform how they sell.

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you’re evaluating a number of tools right now, and we encourage you to consider them all. Check out our Decision Criteria checklist to ensure you’re making the right choice for your sales team.

When you ask, “What’s next?” we firmly believe that Orum is the answer.

Opportunity is calling… and we’re excited for you to pick up.