Orum named G2 Leader (again!) in B2B Dialers

Parker Tinsley

Oct 13 2023


The tech world is talking, and G2, the leading business software review platform, is at the center of it with its Fall 2023 Grid Reports. And standing tall in the B2B SaaS dialers category is none other than Orum.

With a foundation of over 2.2 million verified user reviews, G2 assists businesses in their software decisions. Based on user feedback, its quarterly reports consistently highlight the best products in various categories.

The latest scoop from G2's report on B2B SaaS Dialers about Orum includes:

  • Orum has been recognized as a Leader in B2B SaaS dialers for the third consecutive quarter based on high user satisfaction scores and market growth
  • Orum's growth and user satisfaction also earned us the title of Momentum Leader this quarter
  • Orum continues to be a Leader in Small Business and Mid-Market and a notable High Performer for Enterprises in the Americas
  • Prioritizing user needs, Orum has also been awarded for its Best Results, Best Estimated ROI, and Fastest Implementation for Mid-Market

Karthik Viswanathan, CTO and Co-founder at Orum, commented, "Our goal since day one has been to create a product that integrates easily and enhances productivity the moment you get started. We are grateful for the recognition from our users and G2 and hope to continue this pursuit."

Users on G2 have been vocal about their positive Orum experiences:

Orum is the closest thing to cold calling as a superpower. This is the most effective time-saving tool in an era when prospects are overwhelmed with emails in full inboxes…Frankly, I don't see how every company isn't already using Orum.
Richard B
Associate Regional Account Manager
Orum brings efficiency to my job by helping me get through my outbound calls more quickly. I can reach a larger number of prospects in a quarter of the time. I just love how automated it is.
Delilah M.
As an SDR, Orum has helped me gain time to do relevant research, hone in on messaging and verbiage, and call at a scale I never could. This tool makes a frontline employee like me feel valued because of all the gruntwork I now do not have to do!
Malachi L
Sr. Sales Development Representative

Jason Dorfman, Orum's CEO, shared, "Receiving recognition from G2 is truly rewarding. We're committed to continuous improvement and ensuring our users always get the best."

To find out what users say about us, visit Orum’s G2 page.