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Steal this framework to build urgency, close deals faster, and stop getting ghosted

Adam Sockel

Feb 22 2024


Recently, Aaron Barkman, Strategic Account Executive at Orum, joined Jason Bay of the Outbound Squad and Nate Nasralla of Fluint for a masterclass on how to build urgency, close larger deals, and avoid getting ghosted. Statistically, deals are taking longer to close and average deal sizes are down, so a framework to counteract that trend is essential.

A few of the tactics discussed are:

  • How to build true champions - and do it quickly
  • How to identify business priorities and sell to them in your deals
  • Highlight the opportunity cost of doing nothing and accepting the status quo
  • Become the vendor of choice against your competitors
  • Involve executives sooner and multi-thread your deals

The buying environment is inherently risky, and the last thing you want is for a buyer to regret their purchase. Using the tactics discussed in this webinar, you can move your deals along more smoothly and ensure that key stakeholders see the value post purchase.

View the on-demand webinar