Customer Stories

IONIX’s global BDR team builds culture and industry awareness with Orum


IONIX is a cybersecurity company that exists because the speed at which organizations’ attack surfaces are growing and changing has exceeded their security team’s ability to track all their corporate assets.

Challenge– Maximizing awareness and organizational influence

IONIX is an organization seeking to grow in a relatively new market space. Attack Surface Management (ASM) is a fairly unknown landscape, with only a small fraction of Fortune 1000 organizations currently addressing it. These large organizations fall within IONIX’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and the team needed a way to connect with these companies to evangelize the importance of a service like IONIX.

Their go-to-market strategy has historically been almost entirely outbound, creating a need for a tool to increase the prospecting they could achieve. Reilyn Garton, Director of Global Sales Development, stated, “Between the number of touchpoints it takes to book a meeting continuing to rise and the fact that we’re creating awareness with our initial calls, we needed a way to multiply the amount of outreach we could do.”

It wasn’t just the need to increase productivity that sparked IONIX’s interest in Orum. It was also the ability to connect with prospects directly. “In the cybersecurity and information security industry, there is a heightened awareness of phishing and spam, making it tough to connect over email. It builds trust when I can get on the phone with someone and prove I’m a real person with a real understanding of their problems.”

Decision criteria– Superior user experience, integrations, virtual Salesfloor

Reilyn had previous experience with other Live Conversation Platforms but ultimately chose Orum because of the ease of use, superior virtual Salesfloor, and integration capabilities. Orum seamlessly integrated with IONIX’s instances of Gong and their cadence tools, creating a dynamic tech stack for their reps.

IONIX’s reps tried out Orum and many other competitive platforms in the market. Orum was universally chosen by reps as well as the decision-makers.

Our team needs to want to engage with the tools we provide them, and they loved Orum from the start. Beyond their experience, the platform checked all the boxes for us. Naturally, security and compliance are of massive importance to us, and Orum passes those tests with flying colors.
Reilyn Garton
Director of Global Sales Development

Solution– A platform that drives success and reps love

Ultimately, the decision to go with Orum was driven by the platform's success and adoption. “Part of the reason we adopted Orum is that we needed the ability to reach more of our target market and make them aware of what ASM is and how essential it is that they have a platform like IONIX to keep them secure. Orum multiplies our ability to do just that.

Being able to call from multiple numbers in the Orum platform has massively impacted the IONIX team. “In cybersecurity, if you continue to call exclusively from one number, you will be marked as spam and blocked. Our reps love that this isn’t an issue with Orum.”

As a fully remote, global team, Orum’s recent addition of international dialing has been critical for IONIX's success. All of their reps worldwide now have access to the Orum platform, enabling them to expand their total addressable market.

Results– A thriving, collaborative cross-time zone team

Reilyn focuses on hiring reps who are already skilled on the phone. However, even with prior experience, these reps are still multiplying their productivity on the Orum platform, not just through calls. Thanks to Orum, the IONIX team is thriving on the phones and with a multichannel approach.

Orum has enabled our organization to amplify the reach of our BDRs beyond what we thought possible. Because of how quickly we can rip through call tasks, we can do multiple call blitzes while still having time to prospect and connect through other channels. It’s given us time back, which is the most valuable asset.
Reilyn Garton
Director of Global Sales Development

From a metrics standpoint, one rep sees 80% of their booked meetings coming directly from using the Orum platform.  The team is now performing at over 140% of their quota.

A massive factor in the IONIX team's love of Orum is the virtual Salesfloor. “I miss the in-person energy of dialing together Orum’s Salesfloor brings that energy back.” The IONIX team uses the Salesfloor daily to dial together, build team culture, and learn from each other. “As a leader, I’ll see my team join the Salesfloor, and I’ll either give them an hour to dial and collaborate together, or I’ll join them and be able to spotlight calls, have context for the conversation, and provide real-time coaching.”