How Orum provides holistic sales development and outbound solutions

Adam Sockel

Mar 01 2023


Here at Orum, we understand what gets us in the door and keeps decision makers on the phones when our reps pitch the benefits of our platform. The ability to instantly increase meaningful conversations with prospects is powerful. In fact, we’ve shared several stories about how customers are substantially improving their calling performance by switching to Orum. 

In a time where every sales team is being asked to hit increasing quotas with decreasing headcount and spend, it’s essential to have as many quality conversations per rep as possible. Orum provides those opportunities through the use of our AI-powered tools. This not only connects your sales reps to more prospects, but it does so in a fraction of the time.

The power to transform your calling success metrics overnight gets people’s attention when it comes to Orum. What keeps their attention is the value Orum provides beyond our dialing system for your sales teams.

Orum: a full sales tech stack partner

When you choose to add Orum to your tech stack, you aren’t just handed another outbound sales tool that your reps are expected to learn. During the pre-pilot, pilot, onboarding, and customer stages of your Orum contract, we work with your team to optimize your full tech stack.

Tech stack audits

Orum is designed to work most efficiently as part of a connected sales tech stack. We integrate with tools like Salesloft, Outreach, and Gong so that, when your reps use Orum for their outbound efforts, they’re doing so as efficiently as possible. To assure these tools are working in congress with one another, Orum’s team does a full tech audit with your sales leadership. We evaluate your CRM to assure the data your sales reps need to get in front of prospects is easily accessible.

We’ll also make sure every tool in the data collection process is connected to one another. This assures that when your reps are doing their calling tasks within Orum, they have all the necessary data to offer genuine value propositions to the prospect. A key component of this process is business process mapping, following the path your reps are taking to completing tasks and helping you make these processes more efficient.

Sales team maturity

Our reps also work with your sales leadership to assess the overall maturity of your SDR and AE teams. This includes frequent meetings and training surrounding call openers, objection handling, and the importance of call dispositions. We will assure that your dispositions are properly set up so that logical next steps can be taken for prospects. Lastly, Orum provides sequence and cadence best practices. While we believe that a phone-first approach will always garner the most connections, an omni-channel approach is necessary to ensure multiple touchpoints are made with prospects during the sales engagement process.

Orum’s platform is designed for use with little to no ramp up time but our team works with your reps to assure they are maximizing their potential through constant contact and training. We’re not just providing you a calling platform. Orum’s Customer Success Managers are full scale Sales Development Consultants whose goal is to fully transform your outbound efforts.

More than a dialer

Orum’s live conversation platform comes with several tools that extend beyond improving your calling culture. Salesfloor is a virtual space designed to bring the buzz of the in person sales experience to your virtual and hybrid teams. Reps can cheer each other on and celebrate wins in real time. Speaking of real time experiences, managers can use Live Listen to listen to their reps calls as they’re happening. Managers can also review recorded conversations as they have time. This drives countless coaching opportunities as they can customize their advice based on the experiences the reps are having on the phones. 

Coaching and rep improvement opportunities are also directly connected to Orum’s reporting tools. Looking at conversation to meeting rates and call disposition analysis quickly lets managers identify trends faster, revealing what common objections are blocking your sales team from setting meetings or closing deals.

In order to build an agile and successful sales team, your tools need to be more than just an avenue to increasing activity. They need to drive continuous improvement while saving time for both reps and managers alike.

Professional growth for sales reps

The reason that your sales reps can take advantage of these additional Orum platform tools is because of the time saving aspects of our dialer. Using AI to remove manual aspects of dialing is routinely saving Orum users multiple hours per day, time that can be spent on professional and organizational growth.

Orum has helped our reps be more efficient and get back more time in their day. This extra time has been used for personalized prospecting, new contact acquisition, and professional development. For our reps to have an extra hour each day to learn and expand their knowledge is invaluable.
John Holmok
Senior Manager of Revenue Operations at Beyond Identity

Orum customers, on balance, are organizations looking to increase their outbound success because they realize that cold calling builds human connection and trust with prospects. These organizations are able to thrive on the phones because of the platform's ease of use, but also because of the first-class, full scale service their tech stack receives when working with Orum.

Setting up a success sales tech stack