How Account Executives use follow ups to drive success

Adam Sockel

Mar 30 2023


The world of outbound sales is markedly different than it was even a few months ago. Sales teams are losing headcount but quotas continue to grow. This has led to procedural changes where Account Executives (AEs) are becoming full cycle reps. They are expected not just to close deals, but to build their own pipeline while also doing outbound prospecting.

In order for these AE teams to succeed, they need a platform that enables them to quickly accomplish a high volume of outbound tasks. As the saying goes, pipeline heals all pain. How do AE's generate pipeline, and negotiate deals while also continuing to refine their skills? They need to excel at outbound sales. They need to be comfortable on the phone. They need an effective calling culture.

Follow ups and out of sequence call tasks

Follow ups are key in driving success at both ends of the sales funnel for AEs. You’ve established a line of communication with prospects and have run a demo or held a discovery call with them. They’re in your outbound sequences but some prospects will be a higher priority because of their likelihood to purchase soon. Perhaps you have important information you need to convey outside of your established sequences. What do you do?

Orum’s AEs make the most of their time by building out call lists that they specify as follow ups. They go through their opportunities and create one off tasks outside of their outbound sequences, marking them as high priority.

Orum is an omnichannel sales organization but, naturally, we believe in a phone first approach. Therefore, Orum’s AEs make the most of their free time in between meetings and demos to execute those follow up tasks. Orum’s new strategic dialing option, Click to Call, enables them to make these strategic calls outside of call blitzes.

This is a process that is easily repeatable for any sales team using Orum’s live conversation platform and something our reps will help you create within your tech stack.

How Account Executives build relationships with prospects

While prospecting adds to your AEs workload, Orum’s reps note that it’s a great way to build early rapport with prospects. As is true in many organizations, Orum’s AEs are the ones running demos for prospects, but when they are also the ones setting those demo meetings, there is an established connection. Orum’s AEs understand the needs of these prospects because they’ve been connecting with them both in and out of sequence.

If you're an organization that is building out an outbound prospecting channel for your Account Executives, Orum supports your existing processes while also helping you build out dynamic sequences leading to more pipeline.

Every salesperson knows the challenges the modern landscape has created. Fewer resources, greater demand, and never enough time. Orum can’t freeze time or reduce the demands on your Account Executives, but we can provide them a way to make the most of the time they do have while helping them build a sustainable pipeline.