Establishing a positive mindset in sales

Adam Sockel

Feb 19 2024


When we first launched our SELL YEAH campaign at the start of the new year, our goal was simple–We’re obsessed with injecting positivity into the sales world. Salespeople get told “No” a lot. Whether it’s a cold call objection, a blown-off meeting, or a sales champion giving the bad news that there isn’t budget available, the constant rejection can cause any sales professional to feel jaded or frustrated.

It can be easy to let that frustration overtake your entire mindset if you’re not careful, which is why, here at Orum, we focus on positivity as part of our daily processes. Just like sequencing, prospecting, and call blitzes are part of our daily work, so are mindfulness and positivity. Our VP of Sales, Colin Specter, starts each week by sharing positive affirmations with our reps and helps them think about what success looks like before it actually happens.

Each week begins with a big goal, a series of tasks we seek to accomplish, and an affirmation to help maintain focus. This moment of mindfulness has created a culture where reps believe in one another and themselves. They can lean on teammates when needed but also have the tools to overcome a challenging day, week, or quarter.

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Mindset shift

The importance of positive thinking

Positivity isn’t just about establishing a mental space where you believe you can overcome any obstacle. It’s been proven scientifically to improve health and lead a more successful life. Research shows that high-performing teams use at least a 3:1 ratio of positive messages instead of negative ones. It’s not just increased productivity. Positive messaging within teams also leads to a much higher satisfaction rate for reps.

According to the Mayo Clinic, positive mindsets are contagious and positively affect your physical and mental health. Effective stress management can also be directly derived from a positive mindset.

You GET to sell

Sales professionals will always experience a rollercoaster of emotions in their daily lives. Few careers experience the highs and lows that come with the sales process. There will be endless moments that are simply out of your control. However, while we won’t ever be able to control the outcome of each buyer’s journey, we can control our response to those outcomes.

At Orum, we’ve been focusing on these responses, and it’s led to a much more healthy and positive overall mindset. Throughout the SELL YEAH campaign, we’ve said, “We don’t HAVE to sell. We GET to sell.” We’re looking at every day as an opportunity to build relationships and be the best part of our prospects' day.

Every phone call won’t ever result in a meeting, and every meeting isn’t going to result in a signed contract, but we’re choosing to bring positivity into those conversations. The result has been a psychologically safer workspace, a more engaged team, and a palpable sense of excitement each day as we join the virtual Salesfloor.