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Bold Calling: Call it a comeback - The phone is the way in 2024

Adam Sockel

Jan 08 2024


Recently, Pete Kazanjy, Founder of Modern Sales Pro, and Colin Specter, Orum VP of Sales, joined Orum’s Bold Calling webinar series to discuss metrics and tactics to drive cold calling success in 2024. Data from the 2023 State of Sales Development show that phones drive most sales pipeline numbers and that organizations plan to dial even more in 2024.

The challenging aspect to consider is that, given the last decade's worth of automation and the rise of email in the 2010s, we now have a generation of sellers and sales managers with extremely low phone expertise.

They’re used to asynchronous selling and lack the skills necessary to handle objections and adjust on the fly during conversations. Learning these skills and how to “train the trainers” is pivotal to success in 2024.

Colin and Pete shared strategies to create a culture of sustained calling success across entire organizations while breaking down some key factors that lead to increased connection and meeting rates during the cold calling process.

Watch the on-demand Bold Calling webinar: