SELL YEAH! Shifting the sales mindset for 2024

Adam Sockel

Jan 16 2024


Throughout 2023, we analyzed millions of cold calls to understand the science of selling better. This measurable data helps maximize activity and productivity so you know who to call when to call them, and how to handle potential objections. These metrics help tactically drive success, but we also know there is something harder to measure but just as vital to success. Your mindset.

There are few professions where mindset matters more than in sales. The best sellers show up as their authentic selves and seek to create a human connection with their prospects. Selling with authenticity and, heck, vulnerability requires a massive mindset shift.

Nothing is like the dopamine hit from a connection during a cold call. Booking meetings isn’t just exciting; it’s addictive. Pitching isn’t trying to sell your product just to hit quota. You’re offering solutions to genuine problems.

By shifting your thought process from “I HAVE to sell” to “I GET to sell!” you can entirely flip the script on that intangible aspect of selling.

At Orum, we're kicking off the year with a SELL YEAH mindset, and we've decided to open up our internal sales kickoff to everyone.

We want sellers everywhere to lean into the movement to make sales more human and remember how exciting and dopamine-inducing this job can be.

Join us for SKOrum, our virtual sales kickoff event!

To truly empower sales professionals to reframe how they approach their daily work, we’re hosting a first-of-its-kind virtual sales kick-off event we’re calling SKOrum. This free half-day event will take place on February 7th from 12 pm to 4 pm ET and is loaded with sessions by some of the sales industry's biggest names, including Kevin Dorsey, Morgan Ingram, and Will Aitken.

Register for SKOrum today!


You can expect to learn sales tips for individual contributors, organizational success playbooks, and a look at what 2024 offers for the sales landscape. We’re even offering a first look at the upcoming Orum platform experience. Sales professionals can register for any and all sessions you’re interested in, but we think you’ll want to check them all out. Not available that day? Register, and we’ll send you the on-demand versions of every session to view when you can. Regardless, you’ll want to register fast, as we’ll send SELL YEAH swag to early registrants!

SELL YEAH! It’s time to bring the energy back to sales

SKOrum is just the start of the excitement we’re building with this new campaign. SELL YEAH is designed to bring the buzz back to the sales process. It’s not a daily grind. It’s a daily opportunity. If you have ten conversations during a call blitz, you might get told no nine times, but you also have the opportunity to be the best part of someone’s day. The opportunity to offer the exact solution a team needs is always just one phone call away.

Orum cold calling

Beyond this exciting virtual event, you can expect loads of written and video content in the coming months to help you flip the script and shift your mindset. Selling doesn’t suck. It’s a rare profession that empowers you to connect with new people daily. Cold calling isn’t dead. It’s the best possible way to make those daily connections.

Much like every outbound prospecting channel, cold calling comes with rejection. The difference is that rejection in cold calling can feel more direct. Being told no by a prospect over the phone can feel personal compared to when your emails or social outreach is ignored.

But here’s the thing– being told no is the worst thing that can happen during a cold call, and if you don’t bother even to pick up the phone, you’re already at no. Once you realize that fact, the hesitancy evaporates.

Do we believe in the power of the phone? SELL YEAH, we do.

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