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Instant live customer conversations

Empower your inside sales team by automating the hardest parts of outbound calling. Orum leverages AI to detect voicemails, filter out bad numbers, and navigate phone directories to get your reps into live conversations quickly.

Orum has powered 100,000+ live customer conversations.


Human-powered selling.
Orum-powered automation.

Orum automates away calling effort to make it as efficient as email outreach, bringing the buzz back to your sales floor and saving your team thousands of hours.

How it works

Orum is the engine that drives the modern sales stack, integrating with your most important tools.

Integrate with your CRM

Connect to Salesforce, Salesloft, or Outreach.

Call prospective customers
in parallel

Automatically detect bad numbers, navigate phone trees, and leave voicemails.

Join an instant live conversation

Full contact detail, notes, and campaign information at your fingertips.

What our customers are saying

Teams of every size are using Orum to crush their numbers daily.

Rob Morris
Director of Inside Sales
With its seamless Outreach and Salesforce integrations, Orum increased our number of conversations by 250%, let us train reps faster than ever before, and helped us clean our data, allowing us to reach our market efficiently.
Matthew Sniff
Our BDR team absolutely loves Orum. At first they were skeptical, but realized soon after getting started that it wasn't telemarketing at all, it was reducing large swaths of wasted time during their day spent listening to dial tones. Orum has resulted in an average of a 2.5X increase in # of calls and conversations which has led to 2X as many meetings in just the first 2 months of using it.

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