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Introducing Live Listen, part of the Salesfloor

Parker Tinsley

Jul 07 2022


We’ve launched Live Listen to help remote sales teams stay connected and improve their productivity. As part of the Salesfloor within Orum, you can listen-in to any call made by any rep which can reveal insights that could unlock an SDR's full potential.

Our vision for the Salesfloor

works in a busy office

As more teams go fully remote or adopt a hybrid model, many of the social aspects of a high-energy sales floor have sadly been left behind. While the world is still divided on the actual productivity of remote work, 42% of digital workers agree that flexibility is key. The question then becomes, what can you do to set your team up for success in any situation?

When we decided in 2019 to be a remote-first company, the area I worried about the most was the SDR team. SDRs learn through immersion, through the buzz of the salesfloor — and all of that is lost when they are working alone from their bedroom.
Jason Dorfman
Co-founder & CEO of Orum

Overall, remote teams suffer from the same challenges: poor visibility, little interaction, and trouble collaborating and coaching. The Orum team was no different, but we did have a certain advantage — we were already building a platform that could help solve our problems. So we got to work.

Beyond building an AI-powered platform that dramatically increases conversation volume and activity, we dreamed of a space that would bring back the best aspects of an in-person sales floor and help to solve the challenges we were facing as a remote company. Now, we are starting to create that space, where teams can go to interact with each other and is filled with tools that a sales team would benefit from and enjoy using every day.

Our vision is to create a space full of capabilities that your sales team will use to learn, connect, and celebrate — all in the same place.
Jason Dorfman
Co-founder & CEO of Orum

We are excited to announce our first feature within the Salesfloor, Live Listen — where you and your team can listen-in to any call made by any rep. Our own team and beta users have already experienced immediate benefits in productivity and coaching by using Live Listen in their daily practice and we hope you do too.

A listening tool your team will actually use

We created Live Listen to empower managers to better coach reps and for newer SDRs to learn from veterans on their team.

Beyond helping teams feel more connected, we found it had a significant impact on teams by alleviating call reluctance ultimately leading to increased productivity and decreased SDR ramp-time. Andrew Morrison, SDR/BDR Manager, and his team at Applied Software experienced this firsthand, “We've seen an increase in productivity by 15-20% by using Live Listen. SDRs can get live feedback right after the call, they're getting feedback not only from their managers but also their peers.”

A tool like Live Listen allows anyone on your team to easily listen in to any call — without fear of being intrusive or possibly interrupting a conversation, which in turn gives them the exposure they need to be successful.

Live Listen lets Managers and SDRs:

  • Stay connected to the greater team: Get better visibility into what your team is doing by seeing their status (connected, power or parallel dialing). Use auto-listen and only jump to connected calls while you work in the background.

  • Give and receive feedback directly after a call:Increase your team’s productivity by leaving Manager Notes and by bringing Live Listen into your call coaching or round-robin sessions.

  • Pair live calls and data to drive your sales coaching: Use the insights you capture from live calls with data from Orum’s analytics to make your reps top performers.

Stay connected with your team

View of the Salesfloor in Orum

As a manager or rep, you will be able to instantly see who on your team is online, their calling status, and choose to jump into an active call.

Like the rest of Orum, we’ve made Live Listen intuitive and easy to use. Simply click on the ‘Listen’ button to get started, but maybe you prefer to listen while you work? Just enable Auto-listen in the left-side menu and you’ll be automatically dropped into the next connected call. 

In testing the feature, our beta users appreciated the simplicity of the UI and how there was absolutely no audio delay. This saved them time and allowed them to focus on providing quality feedback and improving rep performance.

With Live Listen, there’s no delay, which is crucial. I’m hearing the same thing my team is hearing.
Gil Abramov
Director of Sales Development - North America at CHEQ.AI
Very breezy, very intuitive.
Kevin Tarbell
Director of Sales Development at Transmit Security

Get real-time feedback from managers and peers

View of coaching notes in Orum's Salesfloor

We’ve also introduced Manager Notes, available to Orum Admins and Managers. From the prospect detail screen, you can leave notes to revisit and are visible to other managers in your account. You can also choose to share with the specific rep for more immediate feedback. Once you leave a note, a notification next to the Call History tab will appear in the SDR’s account alerting them a note has been added to one of their calls.

This type of feedback can be invaluable to your team. As a manager, you can pinpoint inefficiencies faster or reveal insights to bring into your continuous coaching motion. As an SDR, you get the opportunity to improve and learn faster, instead of waiting for weekly status updates.

We've seen an increase in productivity by 15-20% by using Live Listen. SDRs can get live feedback right after the call, they're getting feedback not only from their managers but also their peers.
Andrew Morrison
SDR/BRD Sales Manager at Applied Software

Data-driven call coaching

As a frontline manager, it’s your job to constantly evaluate the performance of your team and find areas of improvement — not only to help make SDRs top performers but also to report back with measurable results to leadership and operations. The best way to do this? Through actionable data and high-impact behaviors.

This practice of data-driven call coaching is so critical that according to Gartner, you could improve your conversion rates by 39%. And now that we’ve added benchmarking to our analytics, it has never been easier.

Benchmarks come to Analytics

View of analytics in Orum

With brand new benchmarks inside of Analytics, Orum will automatically flag if a rep or team is underperforming below the baseline and subsequently call out excellent performance if they are exceeding the average. Specifically with connect ratios, conversation ratios, and meeting ratios.

By pairing the insights you gather listening to calls live with the data from our analytics, now made even better with benchmarking, you can tailor and individualize your coaching to unlock an SDR’s full potential.

The journey ahead

Today’s release represents the first step towards creating a space within Orum that brings back the best benefits of a high-energy sales floor. No matter if you’re back at the office, at home, or on the go.

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