Workato Books 60% of Sales Meetings via Phone Conversations with Orum

Workato is an integration and automation platform that enables both business and IT teams to integrate their apps and automate business workflows, and has raised $415 million to date to tackle the mission.

Workato’s go-to-market team, made up of 80+ SDRs around the globe, works as a pipeline driver to help Workato achieve its top-line revenue. It plays another critical role, as well –  it is also the primary talent pipeline for the company.

Today, 60% of all sales meetings at Workato are booked via cold call. Since adopting Orum, Workato has seen a 2x increase in meetings via cold call.

Challenge: Workato saw the effectiveness of phone conversations and wanted to double down

Cody Tse, Senior Director of Sales Development, came to Workato when the company only had four sales reps. He was excited about building out the team. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Cody and his team recognized that traditional methods of email outreach were not driving the results the team needed.

“During the pandemic, inboxes were getting flooded. We were trying all different kinds of emails, but not a lot of our efforts generated replies from prospects” said Cody. The team began using phone conversations as a strategic part of their sales approach and found that it was a fruitful way to book more meetings.

"Other companies were afraid to pick up the phone during the turbulence of the period, but we decided to focus on cold calling because it was easier to show empathy and start a real conversation that way.”

Soon, Cody and his team were booking over 50% of all meetings via cold call, with the rest coming from email and LinkedIn. This was a switch from pre-pandemic when roughly 65% of meetings were booked via email.

“We not only saw a higher conversion rate from cold calling, but we also saw our numbers go through the roof. We were booking 2x or 3x the amount of meetings and opportunities during a challenging and uncertain time.”

The sales team was thrilled about the success and wanted to continue to invest in connecting with prospects through phone conversations, but the team’s process was inefficient– they were dialing each prospect manually – and they weren’t sure how they could drive more efficiency.

Solution: A seamless implementation & integration of an AI live conversation platform

In a previous role, Cody had seen a demo of Orum and was extremely impressed. Orum is an AI-driven live conversation platform that allows sales reps to connect with their target prospects on the phone more efficiently. The Orum team did a live demo where they actually made calls and booked meetings for Cody’s team.

After an internal ROI analysis, the team decided to move forward with implementation. Cody reports that the implementation was seamless and that Orum worked well with Outreach and Salesforce. Soon, the reps were using Orum to connect with prospects.

Results: More calls + more meetings = ARR goals reached

Now that Workato’s SDRs have Orum, they’ve been able to successfully double down on cold calling. The dialing solution has allowed Workato to increase efficiency, have more conversations, and ultimately book more meetings.

Results Spotlight

2x Increase in meetings via cold call
60% of overall sales meetings booked via cold call

“Thanks to Orum, we've been able to double quarter after quarter and 60% of our meetings are coming from cold calling.”

Preparing SDRs for AE roles

Not only is the Workato team getting sales results, but the SDRs have more time to focus on other efforts. 

“The reps now have more time in their day to spend on personalization, research, syncing with peers, and checking in with account executives about target accounts,” said Cody. These are the skills that prepare SDRs to be ready to be in closing roles like an Account Executive, which is essential as these SDRs are an integral part of Workato’s talent pipeline.

Cody is confident that Orum would have the same results for others. He’s recommended Orum to several sales development leaders and has two that are currently evaluating the tool. 

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