Adam Sockel

How Orum’s enterprise AEs self-source 3-6 meetings every week

The best AE and sales rep relationships are established through trust and collaboration. AEs know they can rely on their reps to fill their calendars but even the best sales reps have those weeks where they hear “no” every day no matter how much they prospect.

In those times, it’s essential that your AEs can self-source meetings for themselves to keep their revenue pipeline healthy. In a recent webinar, Orum’s Director of Sales Daisy Chung and Account Executive Avi Meshulam joined Jason Bay of the Outbound Squad to discuss how to make this “pipe dream” a reality.

Topics discussed during this webinar:

● How to set up the ideal, sustainable sales week

● Creating a culture where AEs can (and want to) prospect more

● Tactical outbound strategies for AEs to land meetings despite less prospecting time

● Improving AE/SDR collaboration

● Bad sales advice that you shouldn’t follow

Watch the full webinar here