Adam Sockel

Dialing up the ROI: how to build an effective calling culture

The call is not the skill. The call is the game that is full of lots of little skills like call openers, objection handling, and effective pitching.
Kevin Dorsey

Recently, Nick DeSimone, an Orum Sales Development Manager, joined Kevin Dorsey for a lively discussion on building an effective calling culture. The conversation went both wide and deep, breaking down all the aspects of establishing a phone-first outbound sales motion.

Organizations with successful calling cultures don’t just have sales reps who are comfortable making calls, they have leaders who are engaged with every aspect of the process Who have built a psychologically safe environment for their reps. In order to create a positive calling culture, managers need to sell the why of cold calling to their reps just like their reps need to sell the value proposition to prospects. 

You cannot fight emotion with logic. Have to understand how to address the emotional aspects for your reps when it comes to cold calling. You have to meet them where they are just like your reps need to meet prospects where they are.
Kevin Dorsey

The best sales development managers understand that you can’t coach every rep the same way. Leaders need to be willing to individualize goals for reps based on their success rates, their call dispositions, and their comfort both on and off script.

The major takeaway from this discussion centers around understanding that celebrating your phone-first reps needs to happen not just when they land meetings but throughout the process. Success is measured through multiple metrics, not just meetings booked. Celebrate the entire calling process and you’ll see greater excitement for that process.

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