Adam Sockel

Your call dispositions suck

Recently, we launched our brand new webinar series titled Bold Calling where our experts will chat with influential members of the sales community. These webinars will dive deep into best practices for moving opportunities down the sales funnel, and offering advice for every aspect of your sales tech stack.

In our inaugural webinar, Terry Husayn, Orum’s VP of Technical Engagement, spoke with Tito Bohrt, Founder and CEO of AltiSales, about call dispositions. As the title implies, the majority of phone-first sales organizations are doing dispositioning wrong, namely, not having enough granular detail to inform next steps. This leads to major issues down the funnel as reps can be left paralyzed and unsure of how to proceed with prospects depending on objections and how clearly (or not) responses are documented.

Call dispositions and sales development coaching

In the recording you’ll learn Tito’s recommendations for the six connect dispositions organizations should start using. You’ll also hear Terry breakdown Orum’s organizational best practices for how our reps disposition calls internally.

Terry and Tito also delve into their thoughts on using dispositions for coaching and the future state of how organizations can instantly improve their prospecting data to drive greater results.

Watch the on-demand video of Bold Calling: Your call dispositions suck: