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Tactical AI: Maximizing sales dev efficiency through automation

Adam Sockel

Jun 14 2024


Recently, Adam Sockel, host of Orum's Bold Calling podcast, was joined by Parthi Loganathan, CEO at Letterdrop, & Jared Smith, Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Development at Navan to discuss Orum's recently released AI in Sales Development report.

The conversation centered around not just how AI can help optimize sales processes but also what the implementation process looks like and how to eliminate hesitancy from your sellers.

Navan and Letterdrop have dramatically different-sized sales teams, so this conversation was impactful from both a start-up and an enterprise aspect.

As the modern sales professional transforms into a full-cycle account executive, arming them with a tech stack that empowers them to build top-of-funnel interest is just as important as providing them with tools to identify key indicators connected to prospect interest.

This conversation touched on eliminating countless hours wasted on administrative creep and directing sellers toward more meaningful conversations through AI.

Watch the on-demand webinar: