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Phone-a-Friend: How Nearbound Social Warms Up Cold Calls

Adam Sockel

Nov 15 2023


Recently, three members of Orum presented at the Nearbound Summit virtual event, discussing using social media to build trust and establish relationships.

The concept of nearbound is that people who trust you are more likely to do business with you. Regarding social media, this means using your platform to sell or book a meeting and prove that you are worth the prospect's time and money.

Cutting through the noise of social media

During the presentation, they talked about ideas including:

  • How to both passively and actively build trust and a following on social media
  • How to engage with prospects
  • The delicate balance between using these platforms in tandem with the rest of your omnichannel approach
  • The concept of sharing personal vs. professional information with your network

When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, especially as a salesperson, they likely anticipate you to follow up with your sales pitch immediately. This is the equivalent of a spam email and will likely derail your efforts before they start. Our experts explained how you can influence the minds of your network and prove your worth.

Watch the on-demand webinar here: