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Maximize your multi-threading efforts and effectiveness

Adam Sockel

Mar 22 2024


Recently, Orum's VP of Sales, Colin Specter, partnered with Jason Bay, Richard Harris, and Krysten Conner on an Outbound Squad webinar about multithreading. Approaching larger accounts by connecting with multiple prospects to build trust and awareness is simple, but it takes practice and planning.

When you engage five or more stakeholders in the deal, your chances of closed-won increase by 25%, yet 78% of reps are single-threading.

The reason? Approaching these conversations can be awkward, and prospects can be reluctant to introduce reps to the decision-makers.

In this webinar, several tactics were discussed:

  • Identifying the correct stakeholders to help you close the deal (and how to spot a blocker)
  • How to get prospects excited to introduce you to additional stakeholders
  • Three plays to run in your next sales cycle to engage senior stakeholders
  • How to use multi-threading to free up “stuck” deals

View the on-demand webinar