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Bold Calling: When Will AI Take My Sales Job? - with Guillaume Cabane

Adam Sockel

Mar 13 2024


The March edition of Orum’s Bold Calling webinar series featured Guillaume Cabane, Colin Specter, and Adam Sockel discussing a big question- Will AI replace salespeople, and if so, when? It’s a complicated topic that starts with understanding what AI tools we’re all using currently, which ones still have a long way to go before they’re viably helpful, and what is the progression path between now and a murky, AI-driven future.

The discussion was both breadth and depth. The panelists explained how they use AI to eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks while also waxing philosophical about whether or not AI-generated content is impressive.

Will AI go away, or will it replace sales reps entirely?

The simple answer to this complex question is that the future is likely somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, some sales roles will be eliminated because of the automation AI can provide, but as Guillaume stated, “Pure human connection will always be a key differentiator.”

Understanding where you can build trust and carve out a path to relationship-building continues to matter in sales, and that isn’t going away anytime soon. It falls on the individual to understand how they can stand out by using AI to make the sales process more human.

Watch the on-demand webinar.