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Selling with (data) science!

Adam Sockel

Sep 21 2023


Recently, Orum’s Aaron Melamed was joined by InsideScale CEO Lou Petrossi to discuss the importance of science and data in the selling process. This webinar focused on the essentiality of clean data in keeping your sales engine running smoothly.

Sales tech stacks are designed to help your teams work more efficiently throughout the prospecting, selling, and customer journey processes. Aaron and Lou broke down what aspects of the pre-sale process improve the overall experience for both reps and prospects while also discussing how data providers can work harmoniously.

How data creates better sellers

Sales reps perform best when they can be “volume shooters”, gaining valuable experience the more often they can connect with prospects. In order to keep their outbound opportunities full, you first need healthy data. But where does that data come from? Who is responsible for it? And how can we assure it continues to be good data?

Watch the on-demand version of this webinar to better understand the tasks your reps and sales ops can perform to keep your data healthy, data optimization and configuration tips, and how granular you should get with what your teams have access to.