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Bold Calling: Cold Call Calculations with Kevin Dorsey

Adam Sockel

Dec 08 2023


Orum’s VP of Sales, Colin Specter, joined forces with Kevin Dorsey on the latest edition of Orum’s Bold Calling webinar series to discuss the math behind cold calling success. Given all the changes in the go-to-market landscape throughout 2023 and expected in 2024, we’re bullish on the importance of the phone for your prospecting efforts, but you need a strategy to optimize your efforts.

A key component to the success of any phone-first sales team is understanding the metrics that define sustainable success for your organization. While every organization’s baseline numbers will differ, in their webinar, Colin and Kevin explain the KPIs teams need to be aware of while offering tactics to ensure your sales funnel remains healthy and active.

You’ll hear conversations about capacity and coverage, who defines goals and who takes ownership of those goals within the organization, how frequently you should adjust target metrics, and how to work backward to optimize efficiency and proficiency.

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