Customer Stories

Invoca spearheads a new MarTech category on the phone with Orum

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    90% of meetings come from the phone
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    20-30 meetings booked per week
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    7% connect rate

Invoca, a revenue execution platform, connects marketing and sales teams, facilitating the tracking and optimization of the buying journey to maximize revenue. Through its comprehensive platform and deep integrations with leading technologies, Invoca empowers revenue teams to link their marketing investments directly to revenue, enhance digital engagement, and provide top-notch buyer experiences to boost sales.

Keith Laughner, Director of Sales Development at Invoca, explains how crucial the phone is for sales endeavors: "Over the last couple of years, we have been focused on driving our go-to-market through cold outbound, marketing, and partnerships. Our lead mix is about 70/30 outbound and inbound, primarily targeting marketing personas in the digital marketing space."

In a challenging economic climate and with a new product category to introduce to potential customers, Keith and his team sought a solution to expedite the conversion of ideal customer profile (ICP) accounts into paying customers. "We see Orum as a big part of streamlining the entire sales process for us and making us more efficient."

The Invoca team heavily relies on the power of the phone. 70% of their touches occur over the phone, and 90% of meetings are set on calls. "We use the phone like crazy here. We heavily subscribe to real-life, human conversations."

To foster team spirit and enhance productivity, the team holds twice-weekly call blitzes, where they dial together on the Salesfloor.

On a typical day, representatives prospect and research their target accounts.

Orum affords us that extra time to do high-quality research so that when we start dialing, we are prepared and working off great lists.
Keith Laughner
Director of Sales Development at Invoca

The efficiency gained from using Orum is tangible in the numbers. The team secures 20-30 weekly meetings, with a connect rate as high as 7%.

Besides its core return on investment (ROI), Orum's user-friendly interface and seamless integrations with other sales tech tools, such as SalesLoft and Salesforce, have rendered the platform indispensable for Invoca.

Keith appreciates the camaraderie fostered by having the team on the sales floor: "I’ve loved having the team in the Salesfloor. It’s been cool for our remote team to collaborate, dial, and provide instant coaching. In the boiler room days, we didn’t realize how powerful it was to have your team there with you, listening on calls and being able to laugh off the rejections and the hard calls."

For Invoca, Orum is not just a tool but a critical component of their success.

Once you get used to the speed you have when using Orum, there is no going back. I could never take another job where I don’t have Orum. It’s so much of a game-changer.
Keith Laughner
Director of Sales Development at Invoca