How I Crushed my Quota & Went from SDR to AE in 8 Months

Skye Grace

Apr 13 2022


Before discovering my calling in sales, I was a self-employed virtual assistant to some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship and business coaching. Although it was rewarding, I found myself hitting the limits of my development. To reach new heights in my career, I had a decision to make: open an agency and start outsourcing, or work my way up the ladder with a company that I believed in and that believed in me in turn.

I wanted to work in a field where I could both develop my career and earn above the status quo without depending on someone else for financial security. Growing up, I watched my single mom defy all odds and join the B2B sales world. And she crushed it! Inspired by her story, I’ve always wanted to show other women that they too can create the life of their dreams with their own two hands, no matter their struggles.

Why did I choose Orum and embark on a career as a sales development representative?

I’ve always loved sales, and I chose Orum because I strongly believe in our solution. Empowering sales teams to quadruple their efforts is powerful; it’s led organizations like Workato to generate 60% of all their meetings via phone. The work of reaching even a single prospect is grueling, especially during a pandemic. Orum enables sales reps to spend more time in quality conversations, prospect, personalize outreach, and receive coaching and development opportunities. All of this ultimately leads to more growth for both the company and the rep.

Orum’s culture is unparalleled. We invite employees from all backgrounds to make an impact and have a voice. The leadership team shows true expertise in their respective fields and they value every single employee. I had the pleasure of working under SDR Manager Kristen Cameron and Terry Husayn, the VP of Sales Development. Each challenged me to become an expert SDR and own my prospect pipeline like it was my business.

How I moved from SDR to AE in less than a year

From the start, I wanted to advance from SDR to Account Executive. To do that, I needed to figure out the science behind hitting my monthly quota. I had to bring something completely unique to the table, something only I could provide. To crush my quota and be considered for a promotion, I had to go above and beyond my role.

Initially, I struggled with the following:

  • Time management and prioritization
  • Mindset and what I thought I was capable of
  • Prospecting
  • The influx of new developments at a fast-growing startup

My advice for overcoming those challenges:

Stay organized

I analyzed which activities yielded the greatest results, then blocked time on my calendar to ensure I maximized the benefit from those activities. I kept my pipeline reports and documents super organized and never failed to follow up with my prospects.

Know yourself

I optimized based on my strengths and worked on my weaknesses. Shifting your mindset is a deeply personal journey that looks different for everyone. For me, looking up to high-performing sales leaders like Ian Koniak is inspiring. Books like How to Win Friends and Influence People and super-tactical podcasts like 30 Minutes to President’s Club help me hone my skills.

Prospect strategically

I joined community groups like SDR Nation, signed up for newsletters, worked closely with my managers, and always cultivated a hunter mentality. Each email I sent was personalized, impactful, and genuine, a result of the time I spent researching the prospect.

Try AI solutions

Orum helped me connect with the same number of prospects in just a quarter of the time. Tools like Sendpotion allowed me to create and send personalized videos that stood out amongst the crowd.

Brand yourself

I used social media as a tool to reach others and build my personal brand, developing a network of prospects where I focused on providing value without asking for anything in return.

Focus on career development

My managers were key to developing my SDR career, providing books such as Leading Sales Development to help me level up alongside their own expertise and experience. And it worked: In just 8 months, I exceeded my goals for closed-won accounts and potential pipeline generated, bringing in 100 opportunity logos and fast-tracking my promotion to AE.

Your dream career is within reach

I wouldn’t have advanced to Account Executive so quickly without mentorship from my managers, self-discipline and drive, and tools like Orum that kept my calling time to two hours a day. With more time to devote to organization, personalized outreach, strategizing, and growing my skills, my SDR career skyrocketed within the year. I’ve found my calling, one that challenges me to continuously grow and develop while giving me the financial autonomy and life balance I need.

Orum streamlines your workday by saving SDRs hours of dialing time every week. Ready to see how Orum can 10x your customer conversations? Take a free trial or request a demo with our team.

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