Sales reps set record cold calling numbers with Orum in 2022

Adam Sockel

Jan 10 2023


For years, stories have been written about the demise of cold calling. We’ve all been told that cold calling is dead, which is interesting because 2022 saw record numbers of calls made, conversations had, and meetings set by sales development representatives on Orum’s Live Conversation Platform.

The truth is that personalization is more essential than ever in the sales process and the best way to personalize pitches and create human connections is by picking up the phone. In 2022, SDRs did just that with Orum, executing more than 40 million dials, a 121% increase from the previous year. That equates to more than a call per second for the entirety of the year.

Our data shows that, on average, it takes about 80 seconds to complete a non-connected cold call. This reflects the time it takes to find the phone number, manually dial, and wait to see if a connection is made. Orum makes calling far more efficient by using AI to detect voicemails, filter out bad numbers, and automatically navigate phone directories.

Orum is literally saving sales reps tens of thousands of hours each year, giving them more time to connect with prospects and schedule meetings.

And 2022’s numbers show that they are doing just that.

More calls, more connections, more conversations

Last year, those 40 million calls generated more than 2.6 million connections, a 273% increase from 2021. SDRs experienced a connection rate of 6.5% when using Orum for their calls, compared to the industry standard 2%. Those connections led to 706,000+ conversations. That means for every minute of 2022, there were 1.3 conversations taking place between SDRs and prospects using Orum.

The most important data point for any sales tool is how it increases pipeline and the only way to do that is by scheduling meetings with prospects. In 2022, SDRs also hit record numbers in this aspect using Orum, with a 121% increase in meetings scheduled from the prior year.

In 2023, we all know that, across all industries, sales teams will be expected to generate more pipeline with less resources available than ever before. While global economics may shift again and adjust what’s available to your sales representatives, the one resource you can’t give them back once it’s gone is time. 

When SDRs use Orum, time is the greatest asset they have access to. Reps can make hundreds of calls per day in far less time than they could ever do manually. This gives them more opportunities to personalize their pitches for prospects, practice objection handling, and review calls as a team after blitzes.

As we turn the calendar to a new year, you can expect new challenges to arise and unforeseen factors to influence your teams’ ability to build pipeline. One thing will remain constant– the importance of human connection and genuine conversations during the sales process.

By providing your sales reps with Orum’s Live Conversation Platform, you are not only providing them industry-leading AI-powered tools. You’re giving them the most valuable resource for their jobs: time.