Orum users schedule record number of meetings in November

Adam Sockel

Dec 07 2022


Each month, millions of calls are made using Orum, driving hundreds of thousands of connections and conversations. These numbers are great but true value for SDRs comes in landing meetings which, in turn, become pipeline opportunities for their organization.

In November of 2022, sales development representatives using the Orum platform scheduled a record 11,000+ meetings with prospective customers. Throughout the year, usage has grown as more reps use Orum’s AI-driven sales tools, increasing the number of human connections they make each day.

How Orum helps SDRs set more meetings

Those 11,000+ scheduled meetings represent everything Orum strives to help SDRs achieve. When you’re able to automate the monotonous and time consuming aspects of the prospecting work, you’re able to spend time on the things that matter most. This means that not only are SDRs using Orum are having more conversations, they’re having more meaningful conversations. 

If you’re not spending countless hours dialing, you can use that time to research prospects so you’re better prepared when they do pick up. The most successful SDRs understand that cold calling is a mix of science and art. It’s being able to think on your feet in the moment because you had the time to properly prepare for the call. It’s about thorough prospecting, sequencing, and disposition documentation.

All of these things take time, but they’re essential if you want to have sustained success. When your job is to reach as many people as possible everyday, time is your most precious resource. And time is what Orum can offer your reps.

Prepare your SDR team for success in 2023 and beyond

As we prepare to turn the calendar to a year loaded with economic uncertainty, your sales teams will still be expected to hit revenue numbers. It’s likely that they’ll be tasked to do so with limited people and resources. The teams using Orum, however, will have the one resource you need most–time.